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Anti-Aging Not Just About Looking Younger

Ant-Aging efforts are universal and one should not feel bad about wanting to look and feel your best. However, looking your best is more than looking younger.

Giving Money to Charity at or Near Death

If you want to give money to charity and you are planning your estate, what is the best way to do it? There is an option to give to charity each year or as a lump sum upon death. At the time of death, there are options to give to charity as part of your will, through life insurance or through donating assets. There are considerations to consider when making these choices.

Are You Feeling Anxious About Tackling Potty Training

Nowadays it would appear by the number of books available, that mothers dread the thought of potty training. You may have heard tales from your friends, of disasters all over the house, new carpets spoiled, and embarrassing moments at friends’ houses or in public places.

How to Get Good Page Rank on Google?

To get a high page rank of Google, you have many options and tools–both organic and inorganic. Share your content through different Social book-marking sites, Social network sites, and Blog directories.

Asa Ram Bapu the Godman Is in Jail for Life for Rape

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was held guilty of raping a teen follower in 2013. The judgement was passed some time back but with the plethora of rape cases all around its worth bringing his case. He was sentenced to life in prison.

How Small Businesses Can Save Efforts and Expenses With QuickBooks Hosting

Cloud hosting QuickBooks is just another way to make the best out of an already meticulous software. QuickBooks on the cloud delivers a number of major benefits such as effective cost management by lowering infrastructural expenses and more effective labor management by allowing collaborative working. Read on to know how QuickBooks hosting on the cloud has helped businesses in making more out of their existing resources.

A Morning Routine To Avoid Lower Back Pain

In a previous article, You May Be A Morning Person But Your Back Is Not, I mentioned that the lower back is vulnerable in the morning after arising. Having been a chiropractor for over 35 years I suggested starting slowly the first hour of the day and letting the back warm-up before engaging in rigorous activity. My experience has shown that patients who follow this idea are less likely to hurt their back. With this article we will go into more detail with specific steps one can take in the morning to help the back, rather than worsen a back complaint.

How to Collaborate Better and Avoid Frustration in Meetings

Collaboration is all the rage. We’re meant to work together for common goals, share ideas, and emerge triumphant. The reality is often different. Simmering tensions and silos can be real obstacles. Let’s look at reasons for resistance, and tactics to dissolve them.

When Change Fatigue Hits Your Strategic Leaders

Leading change is hard enough when your employees resist you. When that resistance comes from other leaders? Then you’ve got a real problem.

The Helping Hand for All New Mums

How society has changed over the last 100 years. Not so long ago members of the extended family lived in the same street or at least the same town. Nowadays young mums are isolated having moved to distant parts of the UK or even another country. Therefore leaving them apart from other family members and the help and support they would have received.

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