Kiren Rijiju Speaks On Crimes Against Women amid Shraddha Murder probe; Bats For Fast-track Courts

Six Tips to Prepare for a Trade Show

With shows like CES and NAMM, the beginning of the year kicks off a busy trade show season! As a promotional model or brand ambassador, you will probably at one point or another, get the opportunity to work a trade show. With traditionally longer hours, and a lot of “on your feet” time, these shows are not for the faint of heart! Everyone coming to the convention center or other large hosting arena has almost always paid to be there. Maybe they are there to learn about and experience the hottest new technology in their field. Or perhaps they are seeking a company partnership. At particularly fun tradeshows, such as comic conventions, patrons are there to have a great time and see as much as they can! Whatever the event, it’s going to require a little bit of extra preparedness on your part, so let’s jump right in!

New Book Reveals Ways to Unbecome What Hinders Our Happiness

In Unbecoming, Karen Emmenheiser shows us how to obtain happiness by removing the things we’ve become that stand in our way. This is a deep and affirmative look at how to remove dysfunctional behavior from our live to embrace our new selves–the selves we want to become.

New Book Offers Financial Advice for Newly Single Women

In What to Do If You Boot Him or Bury Him, Deana Carter walks women through what to do if their Prince Charming turns out to be a frog after they marry him and find they must divorce him, or simply if their husband dies. This book covers a wide range of financial and survival tools for divorced and widowed women from dealing with insurance to getting your share of his pension. A must read for any married woman to be prepared for the planned or unexpected.

Why Are the Millennials a Gold Mine for Tax Professionals

Millenials are about to contribute as the largest portion of the entire workforce of the United States. It is important to lay light on the fact of how millennials could act as the large customer base for tax practitioners as well. A brief on three major ways as to how and why the millennials are going to the ideal client base for tax professionals.

Coronavirus COVID-19: What To Make Of It and What To Learn From It

If we believe that everything happens for a reason, what exactly might be the reasons behind the (seemingly) catastrophic spread of COVID-19? While the issue is undoubtedly complex, I think certain messages are coming through loud and clear and we need to listen (or else… ). In this article, I will outline some of the messages that I personally think COVID-19 is trying to convey to us.

God Will Protect You!

In what phase of your life do you find yourself today? I often talk about each of us being in a specific season in life, some in good seasons, some in not so good seasons.

Strength for the Obstacle Ahead

The doorbell rings. I don’t know the man at the door.

Fear of Death While Living in a Pandemic

In this article we learn that fear is nothing to fear, yet this does not imply the we should not fear. Fear of death in the context of our current COVID-19 pandemic is explored.

The Way Wind Tunnels Work and the Way They Are Used

We can feel the presence of the wind and airflow. Wind has to be measured to make sure there is proper ventilation in homes, offices and factories. Airflow should also be measured to see to it that buildings are safe (from harsh winds/hurricanes) and laboratories where people work with volatile chemicals are protected as well.

What Are the Most Common Uses for Wind Tunnels?

A wind tunnel is a device which lets researchers observe the flow over objects, forces that act on them, as well as how they interact with the flow, which now plays a more important role because of noise pollution. From the very beginning, experts have been using wind tunnels to validate aerodynamic theories as well as assist in the design of aircrafts. For a considerable time, this has continued to be their main application.

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