Killer Aaftab Taken To Crime Scene At Mehrauli Forest As Search Underway For Shraddha’s Body Parts

Can You Keep Running on Autopilot?

When every day is similar to the last, it’s easy to slip into autopilot. How fulfilled does that make you? How happy could that ever make you?

Extraordinary Psychic Gifts Of Wolf Messing

Wolf Messing was a unique human being with many psychic gifts: mind reading, pro-phesies, auto suggestion of thoughts to manipulate others at will, impress famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and the soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin. At Stalin’s wish he did psychic bank robbery and pierced through the security to see Stalin in his house! Unbelievably a great unique person this world was kind enough to show.

Phony Appeals to Fallacies of Pretentious Squeals

In the aftermath of a horrendous human tragedy, such as a murderous event, fascination and even puzzlement finds curiosity with regard to fearful emotional reactivity. The living find refuge in fearful and debasing emotional reactivity. Sad, horrific and destructive are such actions of human debauchery, and yet many of vicarious detachment run screaming to the protective enclaves of amatively sensitive satiation. Of pundits, politicians and celebrity proselytes, those least qualified in the reality of human experience, muster the dysfunctional retributions of foolish fallacies for hasty generalizations.

We Will See the Light

During these trying times it’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem. Keeping our eyes on the light lets us focus on hope.

The Times That Try Men’s Souls

Good old Thomas Paine for today these are the times that try men’s souls. He was right then and he would be right if he was alive today. When we have a dysfunctional President and congress amidst a global health crisis that has sent economies falling like domino’s proves once again these really are the times that tries men’s souls.

Neerja Bhanot – The Hijack Heroine

Neerja Bhanot (7 September 1963- 5 September 1986) was an Indian model and a senior flight purser for Pan American World Airways based in Mumbai, India. She died a heroic death while saving passengers from heavily armed terrorist on board of Pan Flight 73, carrying 361 passengers and 19 crew members which was hijacked by terrorist during a stopover in Karachi, Pakistan on September 5, 1986.

How E-Books Are Changing Publishing Industry?

Is it likely that e-books will completely replace paperbacks and publishing will go completely digital? In the immediate future it’s unlikely, after all, there are still quite a few people who like the feel of a real book in their hands and the publishing industry is banking on the likes of us.

Living With Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19 – A Wishful Thinking

Please understand that human life is very fragile. As we know now, even the tiniest of the tiny virus, the novel corona virus, Covid 19, which one cannot pick out using the naked eyes, is capable of wiping out human existence!

Aruna Roy – An Indian Political and Social Activist

Aruna Roy (born on 26 May 1946) is an Indian political and social activist who co-founded the Mazdoor’ Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), a social grass root organization for the empowerment of works and peasant along with Shankar Singh, Nikhil Dev, and others. MKSS was a major civil rights movement in India and helped in passing the Indian ‘Right to Information Act’, a major step in reducing the country’s corruption and promoting government transparency.

Dipa Karmakar – India’s Golden ‘Produnova’ Queen

“If you want to achieve something in life you have to take risks” Dipa Karmakar (born on 9 August 1993) is an Indian artistic gymnast who won a bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, becoming the first Indian female gymnast to do so in the history and second Indian overall after Ashish Kumar at the Gymnastics world challenge cup. She had qualified for the 2016 finals at the Rio Olympics and became the first Indian female gymnast for the last 52 years. She is one of the only five women who have successfully attempted the…

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