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ACTIONS Count! Rhetoric Doesn’t!

It’s way, past – time, when, Americans must, start to pay, far less attention, to the empty rhetoric and promises, made by politicians, and public leaders, than, whether, they proceed, forward, with a well – considered, thorough, examination, of, whether their solutions, are viable, relevant, and sustainable, and what ACTIONS, make the most sense! Perhaps, more than ever, before, in recent memory, this has become obvious, and concerning, because of the behavior, rhetoric/ vitriol, attitude, aptitude, and apparent character, of President Donald Trump! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach,…

It’s Not FAKE Because He Doesn’t Like The News!

Wake up, America, because, simply because, anyone, even the President of the United States, proclaims, something, is FAKE news, doesn’t it make it so! For the last few years, first, when he was a candidate, and, then, during his Presidency, Donald Trump, has consistently, attempted to inspire, and motivate his core supporters, and gain, lots of media attention (which, he often refers to, as, The Enemy of the People), by following this approach! Shouldn’t it be, each of our responsibilities, as well as duties, to more closely, pay keen attention, to the combination of every candidate’s, absolute integrity, attitude, skill – set,…

How Trump Uses The Media, And They Play – Into His Hands?: 5 Examples

Although, many, who are concerned about the behavior, actions, and rhetoric, etc, of this President, often, resort to using caricatures, making – fun – of, and mocking/ under – estimating, Mr. Trump, it is probably, far more accurate, to believe, he has a keener understanding of the way, media works, than others (in some ways), and effectively, knows how to use, and exploit them, to his advantage! Perhaps, because of his success, on reality television, or, his ability, to self – promote, effectively, President Trump, may not be as foolish, stupid, etc, as his political foes, appear to believe, but,…

Introduction to a Web Directory

In simple words, a website directory refers to a website that offers a list of websites. It is also called a subject directory. There is a difference between a search engine and a web directory.

Self-Responsibility: Earned Versus Given

We all love things to come “easy” even when we think we want to earn them, and actually appreciate them more when we earn them. When I think of responsibility and esteeming yourself, the earned is always better than the given although our innate feelings sometimes betray that when unpleasant “need to” work is involved.

The Bottom Line: Why Shrewd Customers Use An Adviser

Let’s face it – Financial Advisers have a bit of an image problem. In the public’s mind they probably rank alongside bankers, second-hand car dealers and estate agents in the trustworthiness stakes, and every investment fraud and mis-selling scandal that’s gleefully reported by the press does nothing to improve this.

L&I Covid-19 Premium Deferral Program and the L&I Accident Fund

The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) administers workers’ compensation benefits in Washington State. These include financial benefits such as time-loss compensation, loss of earning power, work injury pension, and more. Furthermore, benefits include medical treatment, evaluation, vocational services and retraining, and others. Also, self-insured employers administer their claims according to the requirements of the Industrial Insurance Act.

Managing Cross Racial Marriages Within Extended Families

More and more marriages are taking place between racially diverse individuals. While the couple usually have an easier time adjusting to the racial divide, their families may not. This article provides some tips on how to be sensitive to those around you, those who you love and who love you, and to bring harmony into extended relationships in a cross-racial union.

Build Stress Resilience

Stress can ruin your health. But instead of trying to limit your exposure to external stressors, you can build intrinsic stress resistance. Here’s how.

Why Is Loyalty So Important to Your Success?

Friends and employers alike want those with whom they are associated to be “loyal”. Listed are number of ideas you can practice to acquire that characteristic.

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