Jacqueline Fernandes Granted Bail In 200 Cr Money Laundering Case Related To Sukesh Chandrashekhar

Chitra Ramakrishnan-Queen of Stock Market

Chitra Ramakrishnan (born 1963) is the former Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of India’s largest stock market, the National stock exchange (NSE). She was the first woman to head the NSE and the second woman to head a top bourse in India. She was part of a team that enrolled the legislative framework for the securities market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in 1987.

PTE for Indians – How Does It Matter in Practicing?

PTE or Pearson Test of English is an English language test for non-natives speakers who want to study or settle abroad. When it comes to PTE for Indians, they need to pay some special attention in preparing for the test. Strategies are revealed here.

Three Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Fail

Dental implant is one of the best ways to fix your damaged or unhealthy tooth. Learn which factors can affect your dental implants and can make them weaker.

How To Buy Travel Insurance If You Have Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

Because people try to budget their money when traveling, they tend not to buy travel insurance. It’s an additional cost, which sometimes, travelers can’t even use. However, it’s a different case if you have a medical condition.

Instead of a “New Normal” Why Not Better?

Covid-19 has caused quite a stir – a health crisis triggering an economic crisis. Now we’re hearing about a “new normal”. A new normal rings somewhat hollow with me. We can do better than a new normal. Why not just better?

The Health Benefits of Shared Laughter

There is a blessing in the joy of shared laughter. Try it: get cartoons or jokes that pop up on your computer every day, share a joke you got via e-mail or talk to friends and co-workers about the funny scene in the latest hit movie. Laughter will lower your blood pressure, calm your pulse and generally help you and your friends and family to release a lot of stress.

True Beauty: Honor the God or Goddess in You

Extreme makeovers are all the rage these days, with botox injection parties, and reality shows. Plastic surgery is on the rise. Many people are trying to match the extraordinary measures actors and actresses go through to look perfect on the screen.

What’s the Use: Overcoming Self-Defeating Thoughts

The toughest issue I have to overcome in helping some clients get past their blocks and move forward in life is an attitude of “what’s the use” or “I’m not worth it.” Some children who are emotionally or mentally abused come to believe that they’re not valuable as people.This makes it very difficult for them to have enough hope or motivation to work through the blocks and heal.

Is Your Content Saying The Right Thing At The Wrong Time?

Creating content for people at any stage of awareness takes an understanding of your audience as a whole, as well as your products in general and in particular. You’ll need to be able to create regular content for each stage of awareness, and then be able to break it down clearly for anyone at any stage.

Weight Loss: Quality Over Quantity

New research reveals that there is something more important than the type of diet you choose. Whether you choose a low fat or low carb diet is not nearly as important as the quality of the food you choose.

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