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All About Seychelles

Seychelles as a great tourist destination and things you should know before visiting. Here we share some of the very useful facts about the island. We hope these facts will help you on your visit to the island nation.


ALIAS is currently one of the hottest mc’s in the hip-hop underground brought to you by Worldz Finest Enterprises “Hottest Music on Earth!” A.L.I.A.S. is an acronym for “Another Life Is Another Story” representing the “battlefield” of the soul experiencing life on the physical plane; engaged in the universal “war” between good & evil, light & darkness and ignorance versus spiritual awakening!

Darwin Designs Differently, Doofus

Creating an organisation using natural selection is great. The workplace will get smarter and more productive each year. Right? Not so much.

Should You Doubt Hypnosis Hype?

I’m keen on hypnosis, obviously. But should I be? Can it really live up to the hype? Let me lay it all out for you.

How to Avoid Crisis – Breakdown Before Breakthrough

Many people need a breakdown (crisis) as a wake-up call before they have a breakthrough (change their behavior). Find out how to avoid pain and suffering and be healthy and happy.

Uncertainty The Choices And Consequences

Oswald Chambers once said, “The only thing that is certain is uncertainty.” Uncertainty definition – “the state of being uncertain – times of uncertainty and danger.” Well, that was really helpful. Here’s mine – When we don’t know what the future, whether the next minute or the next year, has in store for us, will challenge us, help us, support us or cause chaos for us or is either positive, neutral or negative. A little better, but definitions can often be challenging since words can be interpreted differently by everyone. For example – how would you define; challenge, the future, problems, success, failure, or uncertainty? OK on with the details (if you are still with me).

Temporary Truth Is Not Truth – The Consequences

Today we are experiencing a great deal of conflict because many people feel if they believe something, it is true. So you believe that there are only 325 days in the year, everyone deserves an education, that all old people are stupid – that these are truths. Have you ever disagreed with a spouse, employee, or customer? Let me describe the conversation. You tried to convince them that they were wrong and you were right. They tried to convince you that they were right and you were wrong. How am I doing? The problem is that truth evolves. I’m not implying that Temporary Truth is right or wrong, just that a lot of stuff is only true until their replacement truth shows up.

EIDL – What You Need To Know

The EIDL can be a saving grace to many during these trying COVID-19 times but don’t forget to follow the rules so you don’t end up in trouble. These guidelines need to be taken seriously and make sure to read the fine print before you accept the EIDL Advance and full loan.

How To Use Communication For Better Stress Management

How we communicate with others can influence our relationships with them and how well you can manage the stress that may arise. Keeping in mind that your communication or interaction with others is part of a continuum will help you reduce stress and make your relationships better.

How To Start Building A Successful Life By The Scriptures

When you start building a successful life by the scriptures the focus isn’t on you, the focus is on Jesus! Whenever you are willing to be led, by the Word, the Holy Spirit is faithful to reveal what you should do. Here’s the spiritual secret many people don’t know. Read this article teaching immediately!

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