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Musings on Childe Harold by Lord Byron

What would Byron’s Childe Harold make of such a trip today? Indeed, how would he express his classical heroism in contemporary terms? I offer musings…

Use Common Sense And Social Responsibility, Or Delay Pandemic Recovery!: 5 Considerations

It’s often, far easier, to blame someone else, make excuses, or, proceed with, blinders – over – your – eyes! Perhaps, in recent memory, we have never witnessed, any scenario/ situation, where this is, more true! Nearly, all public health professionals, and epidemiologists, state, definitively, certain common sense actions, including: wearing a mask; Social Distancing/ Spacing; personal, social responsibility/ empathy/ caring about others; and believing, science matters and data counts, and the best way to proceed, forward, responsibly, is carefully, examining, reviewing, and putting the public’s health, and well – being, ahead of any personal/ poltical agenda, and/ or, self…

6 Steps To A Quality Action Plan

Although, the vast majority of those, who, either, are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to some position of leadership, begin, with high ambitions, and hopes, aiming/ seeking, to make a real difference, for the better, for their organization. Leading, and making a positive impact, requires dedication, effort, a positive, can – do, attitude, and developing/ using a well – considered, aptitude, and skill – set! However, no matter, how good, one’s intentions, unless/ until, someone has undergone a professionally designed/ organized, leadership training program, their results may suffer!

Improve the Value of Your Home With Home Designs Sydney

When we talk about the value of a home, it is not necessarily about the financial aspect alone. The value of a home designs Sydney includes the health and psychological impact it has on its residents. It also incorporates the ambience that the home gives and the emotional relevance it has on its occupants.

The Ingredient That Makes Trance, Trance

What is a hypnotic trance? No one knows – or, rather, no one agrees. But one thing most folks agree on is its most useful feature.

How to Prevent Break-Up or Divorce

Love is not enough. If you are having problems in your relationship, learn how to improve it. You can prevent break-up or divorce.

How Often Should You Review Your Marketing Plan?

The entire point of marketing is to tell your target market that you exist so they can choose your products or services. If you want to be good at getting the message out to the right people, you’ll need to evaluate on a regular basis how it is that you spread the word about your products and services.

Numerology and Compatibility Part II

Numerology, or what used to be referred to as number mysticism, is one of several tried and true forms of divination used to derive personality traits and compatibility. Nobody is perfect, and those imperfections are reflected by unique patterns of over-balanced and under-balanced forms of each number.

Social Network Thieves

Social networks are addictive. Due to the nature of our ministry I must constantly make sure that the posts on the various social network platforms have gone through.

Natural Help For Pain Common In Kids, Teens And Young Adults

Many adults may be unaware that kids, teens and young adults frequently experience painful conditions on a frequent basis. An adult used to having pain from injuries, repetitive stress and old age may find it inconceivable that youngsters can suffer similar maladies. This article will discuss pain syndromes common in young people, recent research detailing this problem and a natural approach to help alleviate this predicament.

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