Islamic Scholar Atiq Ur Rehman Condemns Shraddha’s Murder, Calls For Strictest Punishment For Aaftab

Get Ready To Increase Efficiency of Harvesting Operations With Concave Combine

Use top quality harvester to perform work efficiently Are your crops ready to be harvested this season? If yes then it is the best time for you to use top quality harvester in order to perform the work effectively within short period of time. Using John Deere combine will assure that you will get many of the amazing benefits and outstanding harvesting results.

Caught in the In-Between

Does life feel flat, grey and dull? Do your days blend together? If so, you’re caught in the In-Between – an insidious mental trap. Here’s the escape.

A Good Cry

At the end of a client-packed day, the trash can in my office is often overflowing with used tissues. Richard, seeing this, usually comments; “Good day, huh?” and we both laugh.

9 Webinar Mistakes That Even The Pros Have Made

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to webinars. Someone has had a webinar before you, and they have perfected the best way to do them.

Permissive Education Is Doing Irreparable Harm to Our Kids and Teens

Adolescence is often thought of as a turbulent period – a period of rebellion from authority. Kids and teens have a distorted vision of themselves or of the world. It is not uncommon that they managed to create an insular world in which they can pretend to be utterly detached and uninvolved. Only an organized setting allows young persons to learn and to develop their talents. Indeed, no educator should tolerate impudence.I believe tough love is the recipe for success.

Stay-Home Vs Retirement!

Spread of the new Coronavirus or the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat merged the distinction between ‘stay home’ and ‘sitting at home’, because suddenly everyone, from the busiest professionals to the most gratefully retired the world over, have begun staying at home…

The Ardell Real Wellness Self-Assessment Test for Exuberance

Exuberance is about human flourishing. It is one of four REAL wellness dimensions. The Exuberance self-assessment contains ten statements. Each statement is prefaced by a background commentary that provides a context for a fuller understanding of the statement to follow.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Brought Out The Worst and Best of Humanity

In the last couple of weeks, everything has changed. The life you once knew has taken an unimaginable turn. All you do now is stay at home and watch news of the pandemic pouring in from every possible corner. Mostly depressing ones, and sometimes stories that tug at your heart apart from the ones that make you think and make you annoyed even. As I watch days and weeks unfold very slowly during this period of lockdown, I have also come to realise that this pandemic has brought the worst and the best of humanity.

Introduction to Self-Leadership

We often think of leadership in terms of an appointment to a position, or conferment of a title that denotes authority or a measure of seniority. Leadership, is generally understood to always have an aspect of leading someone or something. However, there is such a thing as self-leadership and it is all about taking full responsibility for every aspect of your life. Self – leadership, is in my opinion one of the most under-rated, important, foundational forms of leadership. Anyone with ambitions for greatness should at least consider self-leadership.

Make A Dollar Online

Every dreamed of making money online? What if you could start making just a single dollar. Just make a buck and see if it can really be done.

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