Iran Police Open Fire at Protesters at a Metro Station in Tehran; Activists Condemn Brutality

One Little Cell Just Changed Our Lives: Welcome to the NEW Normal

Our lives have just been changed by a microscopic virus cell. Nothing will be the same. Now is the time to be more creative, kind, empowered and smarter than ever. This article outlines how to launch into a new level of creativity, understanding, and kindness..

Yiran Qian – Eye of the Storm Watch Design

Yiran Qian, a Chinese-born, German-based product architect revolutionized the wristwatch industry with its minimalist design called the “Eye of the Storm.” It features a naked, transparent circular window in the center and a dark bezel. From a distance it looks more like a bracelet, a fashion accessory than a wrist watch.

Covid 19 – Your Defense Against It

Our world continues to get shocked with pandemic diseases causing the loss of thousands and even millions of people. There are steps you can take to defend yourself against it.

What You Need to Know About Online Shopping Websites

The benefits of online purchase sites are convenience, better prices, variety of items, no crowds, no pressure, ease in price comparison, privacy in purchasing, and access to cheaper inventory. Among the factors that make a website appealing are organization, being mobile-friendly, high-quality products and a variety of payment options.

Remember “Why”

This article remind you that the fuel that propels you to achieve your dreams lies in remembering “why”. Life can at times feel empty and hollow. Remembering why you exist and do the things that you do will go a far way towards helping you live in fulfilment. Your goals can only be achieved when you live more intentionally.

Choosing a Wristwatch and the Different Types of Ladies Watches

When you buy a wristwatch in a physical store, it seems easy to choose the right watch for your wrist size. You wear it and if it feels comfortable, you buy it right away. However, it isn’t that simple if you buy a wristwatch online

5 Types of Minimizing Bra

Women wear a bra to lift and support their breasts. They believe that bras can help prevent breasts from sagging as they grow older. They know that bras help improve their breasts’ shape.

The Different Types of Lingerie Fashion

In the past, wearing lingerie outside the boudoir was forbidden. Nowadays, the lingerie fashion includes the visible thong trend as well as the bras that show a woman’s most intimate parts. Celebrities have embraced the power of the sex-positive lingerie which includes the French maid outfit, one of the most popular attire for role-playing.

How to Develop Flutter App for Beginners & Benefits

If you are a beginner mobile app programmer or planning to work for a Software Development Company you should try Flutter. It is a feature rich and future ready IDE that boasts cross platform compatibility and easy integration of third party components.

Recaps: Finishing the Job in Full

Whether you have worked in promotional and experiential marketing for years, or are new to the industry, you will inevitably become very familiar with recapping your events. Recaps are documents submitted to the client detailing the event a promotional model or brand ambassador worked. Recaps are usually submitted via the website a promotional model was booked from, then distributed to the client. However, the client may ask to receive them first hand via email. Regardless, what is the purpose of a recap? First and foremost, brands hire ambassadors and promotional models to work events and on premise in accounts where their product is sold, and more often than not, the client themselves cannot be there. This could be due to location, other events during the same time, or even just because they don’t necessarily need to be there. Even though a client usually won’t have been in the room, they want to know how the event transpired, how their product faired, and how the promotional models were received. All of this data is extremely important to them, so let’s breaks down a few of the most important factors in a good recap.

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