Inside Ukrainian City Of Mariupol: Massive Explosions Heard After Russia Intensifies Shelling Attack

“Choo-Choo” – That’s a Warning

There was a widely circulated video of a Gazan doctor who lost his daughters in a barrage of Israeli attacks in which he was clearly distraught and questioning how it could possibly have happened. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that he cried when he watched the video, and demanded to know how anyone could not. I happen to agree with him, as I was also brought to tears by the good doctor’s obvious anguish. Would someone so vehemently fault the conductor of a train that killed a child thrown onto the tracks moments before impact? I maintain that the obvious answer would be no.

Sri Lankan Army is About to Reach the Final Destination

LTTE was one of the dangerous terrorist organization in the world. It has already destructed Sinhala Tamil and Muslim societies in the country of Sri Lanka. Now it is about to vanish from the country’s soil.

The Boat is Sinking – Zimbabwe Issues $100 Trillion Note

Zimbabwe broke all records in terms of currency when they issued a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar. Prior to that, they already have 10, 20 and 50 trillion notes circulating in the market. However, 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollars is currently equivalent to $30 only. The new denomination can get you up to 4 loaves of bread.

Social Wellness and World Peace Issues – Are You Riding the Wave of the World Consciousness Reset?

From a global social wellness perspective, the planetary life reset button has been clicked. Life as it is currently organized on the planet is not working for the vast majority of human beings now alive. From the perspective of consciousness and Life’s natural impulse to create balance, this situation requires clearing and healing and synchronicity occurs to allow this rebalancing to occur.

Menace to the World

Today the greatest menace in the world is Terrorism. There have been a series of attacks on USA, India, Pakistan, Iraq, UK and other countries.

The Enemy Triple Play

Under normal conditions the saying goes, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Unfortunately, in the Gaza Strip nothing is normal and the catch-phrase does not apply. No, in Gaza, we have enemies across the board which would be most fortuitous in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, so perhaps it is not so unfortunate, at least politically. Now that Israel has ceased hostilities and withdrawn, and while Hamas – having learned nothing of humility – is already busy restocking armaments, Palestinians who were fortunate enough to flee are finding that their luck applies only to their lives; their property did not fare so well, and they are angry.

Find a Solution Or One Will Be Imposed Upon You

This article proposes that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is spilling over to the rest of the world. That negotiations, wars and mediation did not work. That both parties, Israelis and Palestinians should be referred to an International Court of Justice and accept the verdict. The International Community should enforce compliance through diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions or otherwise. It is up to the court to decide who should have what, when and in what way. The International Community must have enough courage to seek and enforce a just solution if the parties can not reach an amicable solution.

Tokyo Has Grown in Size and Culture

Tokyo was not always the huge metropolis that it is today. It was originally a fishing village and went by the name of Edo. However, this once small fishing village did not remain small for a long period of time.

Taking a Look at the Government of Japan

If you are not familiar with the government of Japan, then the thought of having a ceremonial figurehead that is the great symbol, may seem a little different. This is the role that the Japanese Emperor holds, as he holds no true power but is there for ceremonial purposes. The Japanese government does have a Prime Minister, who is an appointed official.

Dance Bars Were Shut Down in Bombay

City which never sleeps… Bombay (Mumbai) apart from being the commercial hub of India has always been famous all over the world, for its glittering and shimmering night life; a city (of razzmatazz) which never sleeps! It has borne the brunt of many political upheavals including the media onslaught for being run by a parallel Government and even controversies like having connections with Middle East (Dubai). It has earned a reputation of being a place for rejuvenation for the business community and the corporate heads from India and the neighboring countries as well.

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