Indonesia Shares A Rich Past With India: PM Modi Addresses Indian Diaspora In Bali

Love Bugs Are Really Not That Loving

Here in Florida, we have what people call “Love Bugs.” I know exactly why they are called “Love Bugs,” but I am not fond of these little critters. Why don’t they just get a motel room? Being shut down at home for quite a while it is not that exciting. You can only be shut down for so long. On Tuesday, I needed to go across town for some quick business and office supplies. It would not take me long, and I would get back home in a short time. “Anything you want me to pick up while I’m out?” I queried the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. I always like to try to help whenever I can. She is a great shopper, particularly a great thrift store shopper. She knows every thrift shop within a 100-mile radius, but more than that, they know her by her first name. I, on the other side of the room, am not a very good shopper.

Rethinking Your Business Plan? Be Sure to Include This

We’re in the midst of a significant disruption of business. Creating a new plan focused on this one thing keeps you on track.

The Keto Diet & You: Good Fit?

The Keto diet is arguably the biggest diet sensation in the nutrition industry, ever. This article explores a little history, its benefits and its drawbacks.

Critical Thinking: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Develop Extreme Views?

When the term ‘extreme views’ is mentioned, all kinds of things could enter someone’s mind. They could think about what they last heard from the mainstream media, or what they last heard from the alternative media.

Emulating Mark Twain’s Writing Style

Mark Twain, born in Missouri in 1835, was known in his day for his unique writing style that was similar to the way people actually spoke along the Mississippi River. Most people do not realize that it is much more difficult to emulate natural speech than it is to write in an academic manner. This article explores colloquial speech put on paper as well as formal and academic writing. The article explains how writers might emulate Twain’s colloquial writing as a means of improving their own storytelling.

Early Detection With Self Diagnostics

Covid-19 proved to be literally viral wild fire. There was not time to think plan, we all had to react immediately – individually and as a a global effort. If there is something we should be learning from the Covid-19 global health pandemic its the incredible value of early testing. The World Health Organization calls for countries to “Test, Test, Test!” We had a critical need to escalate testing, isolation and contact tracing efforts, which proved to be the backbone of the effective response.

The Best Internet Marketing Training Program Online

Are you wondering what the best internet marketing training program online is? Well I have to say, being an internet marketing consultant, I’ve came across a wide variety of programs out there. I’ve being practicing online marketing since 2004, so I’ve seen the old school gurus, and the new school heroes of today’s current time.

‘Men Have A Strong Aversion To Shame’

In the book ‘Manhood’ by Steve Biddulph, there is a section where he says that “a deep aversion to shame has become wired in to male biology.” The reason that is put forward for is that “throughout history, women are most sexually attracted to high-status males”.

Why We Need To Elect People With Knowledge, Relevant Experience/ Expertise?: 5 Keys

We’ve all heard the statement, something, or someone, is not ready for prime – time. However, when it comes to electing individuals, hopefully, to best, serve and represent us, this is truly significant! All – too – often, our electorate has elected individuals, more – based, on personalities, celebrity, populist statements, and/ or, empty rhetoric/ promises, rather than, others, who may be more fit, for the position, but for some reason (or another), aren’t nearly as popular, etc!

Real Facts, Versus The Fake Facts Of A Political Agenda: 4 Factors

We live in confusing, disturbing, concerning times, which seem to be unlike any, in recent memory! While this President often refers to anything, or anyone, who disagrees with him, his actions, statements, etc, as Fake News or Fake Facts, the vast majority of political fact – checkers, state, he has made an alarming number of false statements (often, repeating or doubling – down on them), misstatements, and told lies, thousands of times, since he assumed the office of the Presidency. Most polls indicate, Trump is mistrusted by the majority of Americans, but, his core supporters, seem to believe and follow him,…

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