India Slams Pakistan For Raking Up Kashmir Issue; ‘Desperate Attempts To Peddle Falsehoods’

A Sore Penis Doesn’t Mean No Orgasm

What happens when a man has a sore penis but needs an orgasm anyway? There are many ways a man can still enjoy himself despite penis irritation.

Weak Erection: Good Penis Care Can Help

It can be quite alarming to have a weak erection, especially if the condition comes on suddenly. Good penis care can go a long way toward helping create stronger erections.

Sticker Shock at Yacht Show Has Many Looking For Alternatives

Find out the benefits of fractional yacht ownership and how you can own a luxury yacht, have equity, be able to have a great tax write off and not lose your shirt in the process of trying to enjoy your own luxury yacht. Many yacht lovers get blinded by the enchantment of yacht ownership only to find out that there are better ways to own a yacht after they have made a substantial investment.

Dude, Don’t Let Masturbation Cause Penis Irritation

Masturbation is a regular part of most men’s sex lives, sometimes practiced on a daily basis. But there are instances when masturbation may lead to unwanted penis irritation and soreness.

What Are The Basic Necessities For Project Success!

Is there a prescription for project success? Something the doctor ordered for a project where, by following some set out steps we can be assured of a good result. If that is the case then what should the project team do to ensure success or at least bring it back on track if it swerves from the required path? There are some “must do” activities or processes on a project which we will examine in this discussion. See how they can help you in your projects whichever industry you work in.

Sex Tips: In Search of the Male G-Spot

Men are familiar with numerous sex tips aimed at helping them reach their female partner’s G-spot. But how easy is it to locate their own male G-spot?

A Healthy Handsome Penis? Sure, Why Not!

A handsome penis? Check. A healthy one? Yes, please! Every man wants these two attributes, but it can take some effort on his part to attain and maintain them.

Penis Odor? It’s Those Damn Apocrine Glands

Penis odor is the bane of many a man’s existence (and a major complaint from partners.) The apocrine glands are largely responsible for much of that smell.

Burrow Couch Review

Skip the furniture store and order a couch in a box directly to your doorsteps. Named the Casper of couches, Burrow’s modern, high quality couch is a fraction of the cost of the furniture store and is adaptable for your ever changing lifestyle. Easy to move and even easier to build, check out our full thoughts on our Burrow experience.

Myth & Reality About Project Management Practices!

As Project Management practices are adopted increasingly across industries some myths surrounding them are creating confusion among those aspiring to understand & take up these practices at the project level. It is important to debunk some of these myths to clear the picture & allow practitioners to understand the reality. This is an effort in that direction.

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