In Shraddha’s murder, doctor reveals what Aaftab said to cover up the crime and get treated

P.V. Sindhu – India’s Shuttle Queen

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu (born on July 5, 1995) better known as P.V. Sindhu is an ace Indian professional shutter who became the first and youngest Indian women to win a silver medal at the Olympics and only second player after Saina Nehwal to win Olympic medal in Badminton.

Where Did the High School Go? How School Stole Young People Dreams

Despite more than two decades of reform initiatives, we still do not know how to provide effective schools for millions of poor and disadvantaged students. The increasing number of high school dropouts is a tragic portrait of our school system. It really is extraordinary that after all these years, educationists have still failed to devise what steps should be taken to turn the tide of the current crisis of education.

How to Build a Crisis Response Landing Page

During this COVID-19 pandemic, visitors to your business website are looking for reassurance and resources, whether it’s around health precautions you’re taking to prevent the spread of coronavirus or changes to your opening hours. Creating a crisis response landing page is to communicate serious messaging to your customers. Read about the importance of updating your website for COVID-19 and how to do it.

Handling the Green-Eyed Monster

I can’t escape it, it’s in the news every day, and it fills my counseling office. Yesterday, the news told of a four-year-old who was shot to death by his own father, because the father was jealous of his divorced wife’s new relationship. “O, beware.

Anger: Cleansing Squall or Hurricane?

Anger is the emotional energy within each of us that rises up when something needs to change. If you act on the need to create change, your anger can be channeled effectively; but it’s not redirected to something effective, your frustration will build, sometimes to hurricane force. Anger that is allowed to get out of control is as destructive as a hurricane, but anger that is expressed in healthy ways can “clear the air” just as a mild rainstorm does.

Turnaround Time

Solstice is the day near year end when the sun is furthest away from the Earth, and immediately begins to come closer again. Solstice marks a celestial turning point, and it’s no coincidence that we celebrate the end of the old year, and begin a new year of birth and renewal at this time. It’s a time of new beginnings, of letting go of the old and generating the new.

3 Important Life Skills To Teach Your Kids During Lockdown

In the midst of a pandemic, good parenting is more important than ever. These important life skills are perfect to teach your children during a quarantine.

5 Useful Tips For A Happy and Stress-Free Pregnancy

The less stress while you’re with child, the better for you and your baby. Here are some essential tips for a happy and stress-free pregnancy!

3 Super Yummy Kid-Friendly Strawberry Desserts To Try At Home

Is your little one a big fan of strawberries? Who isn’t? Try these delicious kid-friendly strawberry desserts at home!

How Hypnosis Increases Free Will

Think of all the associations you have to the word ‘hypnosis’. I bet “improve your self-determination” isn’t high up there. But it should be.

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