Imran Khan Adam atmad Ko Kaisay Naqam Banain Gy ?| Prime Minister Kay Pass Konse Options Mojud Hein?

Murdered English Teacher’s Family Return to Japan

How time flies sometimes. It has now been two years since the naked body of Lindsay Ann Hawker was found in a bathtub on the balcony of Tatsuyo Ichihashi, with the suspect managing to run barefoot past nine police officers who went to his apartment, and then evading them on foot. This story made headlines back in the UK straight away but it was only after foreign media became heavily involved that this story started to get mentioned by the Japanese media. Interestingly, the Japanese Wikipedia article on Hawker still does not include Ichihashi’s by name, referring to only “the suspect”.

Pathway to Peace?

Global Hosting Operating System, also known as, is a joint business venture between Israeli’s and Palestinians. Even though they can’t cross borders to meet they are working together even as the political conflict rages on. Could this be a model for peace in the region?

Like a Flowering Cactus

Israel exists as a nation with a rich history and contemporary significance due in no small part to her involvement in Biblical tradition and role in future events. Whichever direction one looks, forward, present day, or backward, Israel stands out like a flowering cactus in the scorching desert.

Growing Infrastructure and Transportation in the Dominican Republic

With the lure of the DR and the backing of investors, the economy in the area will continue to grow. The DR has proven it is going to be a force in the marketplace.

Is Teaching English As a Foreign Language Abroad Dangerous?

Is English Language Teaching Safe? With news of the suspicious deaths of several English as a Foreign Language teachers in various countries during the past few weeks, the question now arises: “Is teaching English as a foreign language abroad safe?” For those who want to work abroad, there are a variety of options. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is but one of these, although for native English language speakers with a TEFL certificate it can be a simple, yet profitable and rewarding one. Recently in the “ESL Daily” reports of the “suspicious” deaths of EFL teachers in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, China and now Benin, have now rocked the TEFL ex-pat world. True, some countries and locations are well-known to be inherently more risky and dangerous than others. I certainly know first hand of what I speak. I live and teach English as a Foreign Language in Colombia.

International Trade in the Midst of Global Financial Crisis

With the world in the grip of a deep recession and no clear way out, how have imports and exports been affected? How have those who rely on shipping trade been getting along? This article will explore some of these issues.

The Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 and Why We Should Never Forget It

This article is about the great Ukrainian Famine in the early 1930’s which killed millions of poor Ukrainian farmers. We talk about the events leading up to it and the possible causes and what could have been done to stop it from ever happening.

The Challenges For Islamic Finance in Hong Kong

In the past I touched upon the challenges that Hong Kong’s government faces when trying to implement the required changes to establish a level playing field between traditional financial products and the alternatives presented by Islamic finance. This article looks at the experience in the UK and thus provides a useful example of the absolute potential and growth this financial services niche offers.

Iraq – Governance, Past and Present

Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad is located on the Tigris River. With a population touching 7 million, it is the nation’s most important metropolis, and the one of the largest of its kind in southwest Asia. With its history dating back to the 8th century, when it was renowned as a hub of learning and knowledge, it was the home of the House of Wisdom created solely for Greek, Middle Persian, and Syriac works’ translations.

How Do You Think About Dialects in Public Places?

Mandarin, or putonghua, is the standard service sector language in China. But there are still many dialects in China…

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