Horrific Details of Shraddha’s Murder By Boyfriend Aaftab Emerge; Is It An Organised Crime?

Covid-19: The Elephant in the Room

Yes, America, we’re fat and we don’t want to talk about it. But there’s good news amidst the bad… We can learn from this pandemic and change our habits and lifestyle to become healthier and boost our immunity at the same time.

How To Give Love, Devotion And Loyalty To God’s Word

Are you prepared for Jesus to reveal Himself to you? It’s starts with the Word. There are many things about Jesus you will learn but only as you give love, devotion, and loyalty to God’s Word. You see, you can’t serve and obey God and ignore His Word. Interested? Let me teach this article to you.

10 Reading To Children Tips You Need To Learn Now

Many parents say that getting their children to merely pick up a book is a momentous challenge. What can you do to get your children to read?

Is Jesus Your Savior? This Is How You Really Know!

When Jesus is your Savior you have the great privilege to have your spirit in union with His spirit. Through your spirit you are always conscious of Jesus. Jesus values your faith in in Him far above any good work you do. Get ready… I’ll teach you more about it.

Do You Love Me? (A Sermon on John 21:15-29)

As you know, this may well be the last Sermon I give from this pulpit, and will most certainly be the last sermon I give here in my current position as Acting Rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Dulwich Hill, which may help explain why I’ve taken the unprecedented step of disregarding the scheduled Gospel reading for the day! Yes, some of you may decide to walk out (or switch off) at this point. Who would believe that I could be such a maverick in this final fling, after thirty years of faithful adherence to…

What Is Clean Fiction?

In this article, learn what clean fiction is. It’s not so much a book category but a description of the author’s writing including what he or she will include and what they will exclude. Examples are given.

Boundaries: Necessary And Crucial

Boundaries help you to establish with people that access does not mean they have liberties in your life. In this age of social media people can tend to think because they are connected to you on social media that they have up close access in your life which can create deception if you don’t put the boundaries in place.

1 In 1.1 Million

Covid-19 has brought much of the world to a stand still. It has brought to memory a viral illness that happened to me while traveling to Antarctica and South America back in 2007. The near impossible odds of becoming very sick from a strange disorder happened to me.

Writing About Your Life

My premise here is that you can write an interesting story about small, ordinary moments of your life. Don’t try to include everything. Find a focus. Then pull stories out of your life and, I believe, people will relate to what you have written.

Supporting Your Immune System

Boosting Your Immune System At Home During these trying times, a strong immune system is more important than ever. I would like to touch on a few ways you can help your body fight the never ending viral battle. There are many ways to help your body with its innate ability to protect itself.

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