Horrific Details Of Delhi Murder Emerge; Aaftab Used Same App To Date Again After Killing Shraddha

Public Health Requires Science/ Data, Phased – In Planning, Patience, And Review!

Many, including me, recall the famous words, of the key character, in the movie, Network, who proclaimed, I’m sick – and – tired of being sick – and – tired, and not going to take it any more! Why have certain nations, seemed to handle this pandemic, better than others, and why, has this nation, experienced, approximately 30% of, both, the world’s infections, and deaths, although, our population is about 3 to 4%? With the exception of President Trump’s core supporters (according to most polls, as many as 30 to 40% of the voting public), many others indicate concern, at the way, our…

True Religion Demands Caring, Charity And Healing!: 3 Necessities

The American Constitution guarantees our right to organize, and the freedom speech, regardless of one’s perspective, as long as it doesn’t violate anyone else’s rights, etc! Governor Murphy. of New Jersey, recently, in response to some individuals, protesting, and demanding, faster reopening, etc, stated, he believes in the right to protest and demonstrate, and he understands it, but will continue to base his approach, on data, science, and public health needs, and priorities.

Divorce Recovery & 5 Steps to Your Next Long-Term Relationship: Step 1 – The Transition Relationship

This article answers the question, “What is the first step to take in finding my next long-term relationship after my divorce?” This time around we hope it will be one that actually works and survives. The first step on the path to a new relationship future is a “transition relationship.” As the name implies, you are in the midst of change. Being able to accept the need to fix the things your divorce broke is the key to a successful new relationship.

Do Our Feelings Create Our Reality?

If you feel good, you could believe that it is due to what is taking place externally. Likewise, if you feel bad, you could also believe that it is due to what is taking place externally.

8 Ways Men Can Get and Keep a Strong Erection

Erections not what they used to be? Fear not but read on to learn how to turn a weak erection into a bountiful boner with a few easy tips.

What’s Causing Your Penis Irritation? Seven Non-STI Reasons for Irritated Penis Skin

Hell hath no fury like penis irritation. Here are seven non-STI reasons why you may have irritated penis skin and how to calm the savage beast.

Raj Shoker on Dash Radio

“Diljaan In Depth” Airs Weekly On North America’s 1st South Asian Radio Station, Rukus Avenue Radio. Rukus Avenue Music Group, North America’s first South Asian record label founded in 1996, partnered April 8, 2019 with DJ Skee and Dash Radio to launch North America’s first mainstream South Asian radio station, Rukus Avenue Radio. The station quickly became North America’s most listened to South Asian radio station and launched its new hit radio show “Diljaan In Depth” on March 27, 2020

5 Communication Tools for Remote Workers

A growing number of businesses now offer remote working facilities to their workforce, and some businesses even only have distributed staff and no office at all. While remote working has many benefits, the biggest challenge it faces is communication and collaboration. So, in this article, we are going to share 5 great communication tools that you get from cloud-based phone systems which help facilitate collaboration and productivity for remote employees.

The Genetic Method: The State Of Reality Now

You have a wish in one hand, a mess in the other hand and reality under your feet. Sure, I could sound a “little more” optimistic and less realistic about the realities of life, indeed. There are times, though, that all the wishing in the world for better circumstances seems to bring on worse and worse troubles while decisive realistic actions genuinely mean everything in the world and existence to genuinely getting out of trouble.

How To Deal With Woodpecker Damages On Your EIFS Home

How to deal with woodpeckers and other birds when they damage your EIFS home. Your options on fixing the damages and what to do to keep the birds away.

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