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Guide to Serendipity

A plan means nothing. It is more of a guide to yourself on what you intend to do. Most likely, your plan will change as unexpected things happen. The unexpected can turn out to be an exciting inclusion in your life. Enjoy!

Parents Maybe We Should Let Kids Climb Trees!

Climbing trees was good for our generation. Why can’t it be good for the next generation of our children too? Let them do it. CLIMB AWAY!

Will There Be Television in Heaven?

If anybody can ask hard questions, the award has to go to the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She knows how to ask a question and, more importantly, when to ask a particular question. Throughout our marriage, she has become an expert in the area of questionology. There is not a question I can think of that she hasn’t asked. On the other side of the parsonage, my expertise has been in not correctly answering questions. It is not that I cannot answer a question; I do not answer in a way that fits her expectations. That is important when it comes to my wife. Her expectation is quite high. Even though we have been married for such a long time, I have yet to master the art of hearing the question the way she wants it heard. My experience has taught me that if I do not answer the question correctly, I can be in deep trouble. Believe me, I have experience in this.

Domestic Violence & Emotional Abuse in the Home

Men want to control their sexual outlet. Women think they can cure an abuse with love. Victims of violence are generally women.

Is Inspired Action An Important Part Of The Manifestation Process?

After becoming clear about what it is that they want to attain, or experience, someone may believe that the next step will be for them to have the right thoughts. Through ‘thinking positive’, what they desire will show up.

What Is the Role of an Exterminator?

An exterminator is a pest control expert whose job is to exterminate different types of animals and pests, such as termites, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, mice, and roaches, just to name a few. These professionals work for an organization or offer their services as freelancers. They offer their services to homeowners, offices, and large institutions.

How Are You Leading Your Staff Out Of Lockdown – 5 Areas To Consider

Lockdown is easing, albeit in different ways depending on your geography, and people who were previously remote are filtering back into the workplace. How are you as their leader or manager helping them to deal with this latest change, in ways that are beneficial to them as individuals, and to you and the organisation? Five areas to consider are around dealing with people’s fears both of the future and each other; communicating around and through the actual physical barriers that are in place; keeping people safe mentally and emotionally as well as simply physically; and finally how you are recognising and making best strategic use of the available strengths in your team.

Just the Basics: A Little About Healthful Eating

This is absolutely not the definitive nutrition article. It covers some food fundamentals for anyone who’s looking to get started or simply review.

Peculiar Life Hacks Observed in Italy and Represented in Movies

This article explains seven life hacks that are commonly identified in Italy as well as in some Italian movies. Living day by day, making do with what you have, is an excellent tactic that could potentially improve the lives of those who follow such an example. Furthermore, it’s efficient to know how to get others to get jobs done, an excellent managerial tactic. Moreover, one might relax by doing things as they have always been done while putting off anything that can wait until tomorrow. These manoeuvres remain both positive and negative, depending upon how they are utilised. Italians themselves have ridiculed these life hacks in many satirical movies. No doubt, Italians have contributed to the world through art, film, architecture, food, and more. They have a great sense of humour, love the ‘dolce vita’, and enjoy laughing at themselves!

Why Is Fear A Powerful Manifestor?

In order for someone to experience/attain something, it won’t just be a case of them having the right thoughts; they will also need to have the right feelings and to behave in a certain way. What this comes down to is that their thoughts are just one part of the equation.

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