Explosion Reported On Railway Track In Udaipur, Police & ATS At Site; Rajasthan CM expresses concern

Take a Stand for What You Believe in

I don’t like reading much, but for some reason I found Foeta Krige’s book quite interesting. So much so, that waiting at the airport for the flight for our week-long tour to Namibia, I decided to buy myself a copy of SABC 8.

Pull Out All the Stops to Help

It’s dry. Very dry.

Think Before You Say or Do

I received an email from a church person that left me speechless. Initially.

Look Up to One Another

I’m putting myself out there now and may get a beating, but read till the end. Maybe we can meet one another halfway.

Good, Better, Best, Excellent!

I was wandering around the Nampo Expo. I was speechless.

Reset Your Being Here

A few days ago, I wrote: “And even more than that. God established marriage to bring children into the world.

Be Virtuous and Pure

Titus must ask the older women to help the younger members of the congregation how to be wise, but also virtuous (verse 5). Virtuous is an unfamiliar rather old-fashioned word, but I suspect The Message translation got it right: 5By looking at them, the younger women will know how to love their husbands and children, be virtuous and pure…

Peace and Joy and Wisdom

When we started our ministry in 2010, I thought long and hard about what the name should be, but nothing came to mind. The vision grew slowly: God’s Word in modern-day language.

Corona – The Predator and The Prey

It is time our medical and political leaders realized that they have much greater responsibilities than just saving lives in this coronavirus crisis. This article is intended to point out those responsibilities and wake them.

The $14 Billion Global Industry That Can Make You Rich

Affiliate marketing is a multi billion industry global industry that will continue to expand in spite of fears that it may have reached a peak. More of the world’s population is coming online and want to buy products and services. Opportunities to cater to this global 24/7 market have never been greater. Work from home affiliate marketers who receive the right training will have a bright future.

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