EXCLUSIVE: Union Law Min Kiren Rijiju Speaks On Nehru’s Blunders & SC Order on Forced Conversions

It’s Not Criminal To Be COVID-19 Positive!

Let the similarity end there. The essential point worldwide is that the authorities have no other alternative to effectively control the virus, and so nothing in that should imply a crime of any sort. People know and understand this, but act differently when it happens near or threatens to happen near him/her…

Are You Using Your Blogging Gold Mine?

You have probably seen countless blogs that had absolutely no comments at all. If someone does spend their valuable time commenting on your blog posts, you have a very warm prospect.

Real Self-Defence Why Settle For Less Than The Truth

What you are about to find out is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. The truth is, most of what you have read or been told about men or women’s self-defence is just plain rubbish. Most of what is taught is useless in a real life attack. Techniques that would never work on the street.

Is a Chihuahua Right For You and Your Family?

You and your family want a dog. The Chihuahua was very popular years ago. You still have curiosity about whether this breed is right for you. If you have young children or older children this breed may or may not be right for you.

Covid-19: Four Ways to Survive and Thrive in Challenging Times

The fragile global economy has taken a major hit from Covid 19 pandemic. The global supply chain(s) was the first economic system to be impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak occurred in China. Since then, business operations and personal finances have been on a downward spiral due to the lockdowns and “social distancing”. Therefore, its important to look at time-tested ways to reduce the consequences to our wallets. We also have a large number of alternative financial opportunities available (to us) using the Internet.

Covid-19 and Our Money: Fighting a Psychological Battle

SUMMARY It is easy to see how the Covid 19 pandemic has dealt a harsh blow to the physical health global community. It is important to recognize the Coronavirus is impacting our lives in other ways. People’s mental and emotional well-being has been negatively affected. There are effective techniques to deal with the stress-related to the psychological effects of unemployment and cabin fever lockdown syndrome.

Zoom: 5 Quick Tips to Use It Effectively

By now, we’re all settled in at home and seamlessly conducting our business by phone and Zoom meetings, right? Well, not so fast… Like you, I’ve greatly increased my Zoom meetings, and I’ve been disturbed by what I’ve seen. There has been a surprising lack of professionalism, lack of preparation, and in general an unorganized and ineffective approach to conducting Zoom meetings. As you know, first impressions are everything, and if you’re meeting with a prospect or client over Zoom there are some things you definitely don’t want to do, and others that you do want to do.

A Love Of Life (How To Live Well In Any Circumstance)

Patience, understanding, tolerance: The three qualities it takes to deal with life and deal with it well. It all leads to the positive grace which gives a full sense of what it genuinely takes to live successfully. When I write or talk about living successfully, I am not just talking or writing about money, I am talking about developing overall habits of dealing with life and existence including everything within it, including money, but above that dealing with the totality of life and existence with patience, understanding, tolerance and grace.

Algorithmic Trading – Automated Trading System in Forex

The trade of a security applying some specific rules derived from historical information. It is an innovative type of trade that allows a computer program to follow a specific set of rules.


Never give up! If you can learn to adapt to your challenges by focusing on what you can control in life, your attitude and actions become better. Your challenges may be many, unforeseen, and continuous. Today is the time to start climbing your mountains. Begin to conquer your obstacles, here and now. Caregivers are beacons for those who suffer physically and emotionally. They are a vital lighthouse to the grieving, suffering, and those who need assistance. Learning to tap into your personal power is so a must-do. To also have personal blessings of peace, comfort, and guidance from a caring Supreme Being complements one’s personal power. Overcoming Life-Changing and Debilitating Disability Challenges and New Unavoidable Circumstances Can Paralyze the Soul.

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