Exclusive Details In Shraddha’s Murder: ‘Aaftab withdrew Rs 54,000 on the day of murder,’ Say Police

Coronavirus in Oaxaca – Southern Mexico COVID-19 Pandemic – A Plea on Behalf of The People

The cononavirus, or COVID-19 has dramatically altered the lives of the residents of the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca. While entrepreneurs are suffering, it is their employees which we should concern us more. Mexico does not have the same social nets as first world countries and so government cannot be relied upon to get most in the state over the hump; wait staff, barmen, chambermaids and retail staff in craft shops. We must be cognizant of this when visiting next, whether as a tourist, snowbird, part time resident. Oaxaca depends on us all, including expat permanent residents.

Does God Exist and Is the Bible True?

If you can find an answer to the questions “Does God exist?” and “Is the Bible true?” then you will have a definite, clear path to travel, one way or another. If you can answer these in the affirmative, from the available evidence, then everything else falls into place. These questions are pivotal to faith and life, and must be pursued with all our energy and attention.

Kipling’s If Reimagined

Putting a fresh slant on a classic poem can be a rewarding and creative process, as long as copyright laws aren’t breached. Here is my take on Rudyard Kipling’s classic poem If.

The Silent Treatment: Guaranteed Mutual Destruction

Communication is one of the most important aspects to a healthy relationship, however the ‘Silent Treatment’ is something that people do without considering the destructive results. Let’s examine what happens when one is ignored.

When Will I Learn From My Mistakes

“I never learn from my mistakes.” A sad truth that this article will explain why we continually make the same mistakes again and again. We actually do learn from our mistakes, but we learn bad habits. In every event, we are accumulating knowledge of a process; action, reaction and a result. This is exactly the same thing that…

Why Am I So Broken – Why We Do Not Change Who We Are

This is a common question, and one that perplexes people throughout time. Sigmund Freud created the industry of psychotherapy to try and solve this riddle, but as we know, it is not working for everyone, or for many people at all in the process of making a profound change.

The Qualities That Make A Partner Stay For Life

When you get to know somebody and all is good, love and affection builds, a desire to be with them builds, but sometimes that fades with the chemistry and passion. Love that lasts, builds with respect and admiration for that person, for who they really are.But sometimes, something…

Accepting Criticism, Eliminating Your Weakest Link

Being able to accept criticism is an excellent way to improve yourself. Normally, we will not notice our shortcomings. We have become so accustomed to some character traits which are not the best of features, that we do not realize what we do. Due to this, it takes someone else to point out our flaws in order for us to know they exist. Criticism is the best gift for self-improvement, to be the 10 worthy of a 10+.

Too Good To Be True, Run Away!

Many people have come to me with the same problem; ‘Everything seems so perfect with this new person I met, I can’t find anything wrong, so I better leave before I get hurt.’ It’s very common to not be able to figure out what that strange thing is which is preventing you from having that deep connection.

How to Become a Cloud

Of all the concepts I have created to help people overcome feeling emotional pain stemming from manipulations by the people you love or have to deal with, this has been the most widely praised. Becoming impervious to any emotional manipulations and attacks is the key to success in your work and relationships. This article describes the simple method…

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