ED summons Soren in money laundering case; Jharkhand CM calls it a ‘conspiracy to de-stabilise Govt’

Conversational Conservation

As a strategic leader, how do you overcommunicate everything that you need to? By assuming your people’s attention is a finite resource worth conserving.

9 Things to Consider Before You Buy Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Today, technology has made our lives so much easier. So, we tend to rely on numerous devices to make our routine tasks easier. In this article, we are going to talk about buying electric height adjustable desks for home studies and commercial offices. We will discuss 9 things that you should keep in mind prior to placing your order. Let’s go into the details.

Fully Dressed For Battle

Believers must realize that they cannot separate warfare and blessings. Christians are called upon to wear the full armor of God. The armor is to be used both offensively and defensively.

Panic Buying Is It the Survival Instinct or Greed?

Has the survival instinct taken over? Are we like squirrels hiding their nuts? Is this why we as a population are behaving in this idiotic manner? How long does a bar of soap or a soap dispenser last? Moe than a week I would think, even with plenty of hand washing, and don’t people usually have a spare in their homes anyway? Cleaning materials, are we suddenly all spring cleaning? Toilet rolls what on earth are people buying a massive surplus for? Not to mention fresh vegetables, has everyone turned vegan?

What, Never Thirst Again? ( A Sermon on John 4:4-42)

Earth’s fountains fair but mock our souls, Like desert phantoms lure, And they that drink, the fainter grow, The keener thirst endure. You’re not likely to recognise the hymn from which these words are taken – words that cleverly highlight the enigma that no matter how much we drink, the human thirst for water is never ultimately satiated. You may well recognise though the passage from the Bible that inspired these words – namely, our Gospel reading form John chapter four, where Jesus speaks of…

DIY Cartoon Posters for Preventing Spread of Contagious Airborne Diseases Using Color Printer

If countries become too bogged down by many problems, what can the common people do? There are things that every single human being on this planet can do to protect themselves from this disease.

How To Overcommunicate Without Repeating Yourself

To drive change, you have to communicate – more than you think you do. Luckily, it’s not hard to do that without boring your people into submission.

Data Science Training In Bangalore

If you are interested in data science, you may want to check out its training in Bangalore. In Bangalore, you can take courses in this field, which will help you hone your skills in this field. In this article, we are going to know what data science is and what the courses include.

Create Lasting Change Through Spam

Want to drive organisational change? You can’t do it with timid, half-hearted effort. You need the comms strategy of every fake Nigerian prince.

How Atheists and Sceptics Can Use This “Spiritual Paradox”

There’s a contradictory idea in Eastern, Western and other traditions. Even if you have no spiritual side, the psychological insight here is powerful.

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