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How To Make Money During A Recession

People live under the fear of not having enough and often with good reason. Is there going to be a recession anytime soon? If that were to happen,

How Are You Influenced and Motivated?

Everything we do in life is driven by a motivational force or influence of some kind. These can primarily be split into 2 main categories: 1. Negative motivators 2. Positive motivators

Is Covid-19 A Retribution From On High?

The Earth is being abused by humans in such a way as can only result in total destruction unless the current trend is checked. Has the Covid-19 virus been cast upon us as a measure to ensure that change of direction takes place. This article considers the matter.

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing is a version of regression testing to ensure a specific section of the application is still working after a bug fix or a functionality improvement. This type of QA is different from smoke testing as it is typically focussed only on one or two functionalities whereas smoke testing is aimed at all major functionalities. When the test fails, QA reject the build and send it back to the developers for a fix.

Benefits of Massage Therapy and Relaxation

It is extremely important that you look after yourself whether we are referring to physically as well as mentally. Your body needs time to relax, and destress from everyday life. This is even more so in this fast paced modern living which people have these days. The concept and approach of massage therapy is one which has been rapidly increasing over the last few years and has been growing in popularity.

A Guide to Netball

If you are looking to start a sport there are a vast number of activities which you could join in with. Some of the most popular include such sports as football, basketball and hockey. However, one of the most up and coming team ball games which is very quickly gaining in popularity, is Netball. This is a great team game to participate in and a brilliant fun form of team building and exercise. Although primarily a female sport, male participation is on the increase.

Our Values Have Changed

In a short period of time, our world has changed dramatically. The things we consider to be important have also changed.

3 ECommerce Challenges & Solutions for Tough Times

There’s no arguing that COVID-19 has led to increased internet traffic as people work, socialize, and entertain themselves online. But an increase in internet usage doesn’t necessarily translate into increased sales for your small business. Here are 3 eCommerce challenges and solutions to help you maintain and even grow as an entrepreneur during this crisis.

The Coming Apocalypse

To date many of our leaders can’t comprehend how really close mankind is to that apocalyptic event that will send humanity back into the caves of the Neanderthals. We’d hate to think that in the aftermath those that are still around the remorse that is showed is that we had our chance but we failed to act. Today, the harsh reality of the coming Apocalypse really hasn’t hit home.

Her Last Day

A dog’s life can be ended by compassionate owners who know that the right time has come and that the dog would be better off leaving this life. Such is not the case for human beings. Most people must live out their lives until they leave of natural causes unless their lives are cut show by illness or accident. It is important to find meaning in life to be able to enjoy life until the end comes.

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