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True Agility Starts With Collaboration

Organizational design and business agility has always been an area of interest to me, long before they were buzz terms. I enjoy assessing the people and goals of organizations and analyzing the psychology behind it all. In 2007, I completed my first formal agile training and certification (Scrum Master).

Be Authentic

Good or bad, I am always the same. In my profession, I may tailor my message to my audience, but my core values, personality and ideas are the same regardless of who I am talking to. I think this goes a long way towards building teams, developing loyalty and relationships.

Ideas That Stick

If you follow my column, you have seen my articles on how good project managers have radar and are able to predict situations. Good project managers are also strong, insightful business leaders. This can be both challenging and rewarding.

No Pain No Gain

Exceptional project management is an uncomfortable place. Those who are the most successful, are those who swiftly identify risks and are able to provide deep insight into what could happen if situations are not resolved. The beauty of these individuals is they have an innate, internal magnifying glass and can almost predict situations.

A Confident & Prepared Experience

About a year ago I had a less than desirable personal service performed. What I was told was a very small, routine dental procedure, that according to the computer would take 18 minutes turned into a situation where I lost all confidence and trust in my dental provider. The issues presented and takeaways really apply to all types of projects and businesses.

Managing Team Stress

Look for signs that your team members are off. Read between the lines and pick up non-verbal cues.

Call It What It Is

Anyone in the project management field has heard of gold plating. For those less familiar with the term it basically means adding features outside the original scope and requirements. Working with teams less familiar with all of the downstream impacts and risks, may think this scenario isn’t that dangerous and will help please the customer.

Strengthening and Enforcing Our Profession

In order to be an effective project manager (PM), we should look at our definition of project management. Definitions surprisingly vary greatly by organization and individual. We should be careful about calling something project management that really is not.

Leading Transformations

This month I dusted off a graduate school reference, “What Leaders Really Do” by John Kotter. This book and a few others are those types of readings that are good periodic refreshers. In project management we are faced with implementing change as part of our projects.

Choose Leaders Who SOLVE, Not Create, Potential Problems!

Denying reality, avoiding personal responsibility, and taking actions, which seem to precipitate, potential crises, rather than pursuing, a well – considered, strategic and action plan, and considering immediate, intermediate, and longer – term impacts, and ramifications, is not true leadership! It must be, the duty, and responsibility of those, we elect to serve and represent us, must SOLVE, rather than creating, problems! How often, in the past 3 1/2 years, have we witnessed, President Donald Trump, either, take certain actions, or avoid, doing so, in a timely manner (when action was needed, and indicated), and, then, when, some perceived crisis, was created,…

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