Delhi News LIVE: Hindu Girl Shraddha Chopped Into Pieces By Aftab; Horrific Details of Murder Emerge

Face FACTS Instead Of Denying Them!

No one’s best interests, benefit from electing public officials who, instead of facing – the – facts, refuse to accept them/ deny them, and, won’t proceed, accordingly, in a well – considered, time – tested, timely manner! Voters, not only deserve better representation, but the best, most relevant, sustainable needs, goals, and priorities of this nation, and citizens, demands, elected officials, consistently, FACE the facts, instead of denying them! Even though, it often seems, President Donald Trump, articulates a message, stating, his denial in the realities of Climate Change, environmental protections, and, currently, the importance, in effective testing for the Coronavirus, etc,…

Why We Need Better Than POLITICS As Usual?

We should have been prepared, when, then – candidate, Donald Trump, resorted to the campaign slogan, Make America Great Again! That reference to the so – called, Good Old Days, and, the inference, this nation, was no longer great, indicated a lack – of – vision, and, instead of looking ahead, with relevant, sustainable solutions, and a willingness to accept, good – enough! If, we continue to elect politicians, who resort to a combination of populism, empty promises, and rhetoric/ vitriol, when what’s needed, is thinking, outside – the – box, with an open – mind, the future of this country, may…

Should You Add A Blog To Your Podcast Website?

A lot of people think of their show notes for each episode as a blog post. It is not! Your show notes are simply a summary of the episode. You can add a blog post to your website relatively easily and help generate additional SEO help through search engines to find new listeners!

Surviving Protests, Poverty, Justice and Inequality in America 2020

This article is about some of the problems facing the United States in 2020. It suggests changes that would benefit Americans. Furthermore, it proposes that Americans enhance altruism to reinforce the original ideas of the founding fathers who were imperfect with good intentions.

India Vs. Vietnam: – Why India Is Lagging Behind in Competition to Attract Global Manufacturing

The Articles discusses about the global scenario of shifting in manufacturing hubs from China to other countries, it focus on certain key issues which are effecting India’s position to be the global manufacturing hub in comparison to Vietnam. It discusses various economic, political and other key factors that India need to take care of and work on strongly.

ABC’s Of Your Career Journey – E Is For Evolving

Hiring managers are not looking for same old, same old. A candidate can be in their role for a long time, however, if they have not increased their level of responsibility and/or expanded their duties, they will not be viewed favorably. This is not just about knowing the latest software or a new regulation or an advanced process but instead it is about the person holistically.

The Five Levels of Deep Habit And Behavior Change

It’s essential to focus on the five levels of change if you want habits or behaviors to not revert. Moving from Environment down to Identity will lead one to become happier, healthier, and more successful.

Am I Lonely in This World? No, Points to Ponder!

It is an overly complex yet extremely simple topic, within the concept and context. However, many heads roll ambiguously due to undesirable and unwarranted propaganda by the materialistic organization in possession of finances and resources. What conspires and transpires within the mindset of human beings of few powerful lobbies will not disseminate the earnest desires of the general masses.

The Importance of E – Learning in Today’s Corporate World

The concept of e-learning is not new to corporate organizations and individuals albeit the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the need for organizations to leverage technology platforms to drive learning initiatives. In simple terms, e- Learning (Electronic Learning) is the act of learning (educating or training) through the use of digital resources such as computers, the internet, software programmes and mobile devices.

Dehumidification Technology To Keep Moisture From Wreaking Havoc

The role that dehumidifiers play in business and industry today is changing. Once limited to specialized applications where process requirements dictate removal of moisture from the ambient air, dehumidifiers are making their way into a wide range of commercial and institutional HVAC applications.

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