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How Do You Build an Online Community?

Building an online community can help you create an entire community of raving fans that are not only ready to purchase your current products but who will also stand in line to purchase your new products. They’ll also promote you to their friends, family and associates.

New Book Offers Solutions for Creating Diverse and Inclusive Cultures

In Unlocking Diversity, African immigrant to North America Seconde Nimenya shares her personal experiences and words of wisdom for how we can learn to create more inclusive societies. She looks at many of the fears and obstacles that face in creating diverse environments and then shows us how we can each do our part to make the world a better place where we can all get along.

The Power of Focus In Your Podcast Marketing

If you do not focus on speaking directly to one person in one segment of your niche with only one message, you are marking incorrectly. If you market yourself too thin, you do not get the responses you desire. You need to focus, focus, focus as narrowly as possible. Doing so will allow you to identify exactly what resonates within your listening audience. That is the only way you can grow quickly.

Do Not Try To Copy The Major Brands In Your Marketing Efforts

Some new podcasters look at the major, well known, podcasts and copy how they are marketing themselves. They believe if they do the same thing, their audience numbers will just take off they will go viral. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Here is why.

Going to the Church of God With This COVID-19 Virus

Should you attend church services with the Coronavirus pandemic? Now, Churches can hold services in some places. However, many Christians are yet to resume services in their various churches. But these same persons go to the shops, banks, markets and their offices. Should going to church during COVID-19 then be an issue?

Micro Switches: The Benefits and Functioning of The Snap Action Switch

Defining a Micro Switch: A microswitch is a very common and handy switching control. These react to any change in their set-up rapidly. When the switch senses any movement, a plunger is present to open or close the circuit.

Inner Child: Can Someone’s Wounded Inner Child Take Away Their Desire To Be Alive?

Although there are those that are full of life and embrace the life that they have been given, there are that aren’t and are unable to so. However, this is not to say that the former will always be on the top of the world or the latter will always be down in the dumps.

6 Basic Steps To Gain Control Over The Course Of The Virus

In so may ways, including, human impacts, job markets, overall economic conditions, and, creating a combination of fear, and restrictions, this current pandemic, will have impacts, which will, probably take, quite some time, to overcome. Rather than facing reality, and acting, accordingly, President Trump, has seemed to focus, more on his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, instead of the public health, and safety, and associated ramifications, by delaying responsible actions, etc! While, there is no simple solution, at least, at this, point – in – time, it should be concerning, the United States has fared, far less…

Public Leaders Can’t Confuse, If They Want Cooperation!: 4 Examples

Especially, in times of crisis, the public, often, looks to its leaders, to set an example, and, show them, the best way, to proceed, and personally, act and behave! They generally seek consistency, but, during this horrific pandemic, have, instead, received, a somewhat, constantly, changing narrative, from President Trump! Perhaps, one of the single – greatest indicators, of this, is comparing, the rhetoric/ actions/ attitude/ behavior/ statements, made by this President, compared to New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo!

Why This Pandemic Needs Leadership By EXAMPLE?

Times of crisis, are no times, for true leaders, to procrastinate, and/ or, play – politics, as usual! Especially, in worrisone, concerning times, most people turn – to, their leaders, and observe, how they react, behave, and act! No one wants to follow someone, who articulates a message, full of empty promises, and rhetoric, who basically, says, Do as I say, Not as I do!

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