‘COVAXIN not rushed due to political pressure’; Centre & Bharat Biotech bust fake news

Change Initiative Plus Remote Staff Equals Not A Problem

A timely question: how do you drive change when your staff work remotely? How do you influence the culture when your people only see you on a screen?

Facebook Page Posts 04 – Media

A discussion of the different types of media you can use on your Facebook business page. Plus: the eleven best types of posts to make, in reverse order.

Facebook Page Posts 03 – Page Ownership

You may control your Facebook page, but you shouldn’t try to own it. Not if you really believe in the concept of social media, and want to provide your target audience with exactly what they want (and will therefor pay for). As I have repeatedly said – and will say again – “It’s called social media for a reason.

3 Types of Loyalty Programs for Businesses

An introduction to the three main categories of loyalty or membership programs that a business can set up. Almost any business and increase their profit by setting up a loyalty system.

Targeted Recruitment Efforts And Specific Hiring Strategies For New Teachers

Shortages of teachers are often most acute in certain fields, particularly bilingual/English as a Second Language, special education, mathematics, Spanish, and the physical sciences. Sometimes students are taught by a revolving door of substitutes. Other times students from the affected class are added temporarily or permanently to different classes, thereby increasing class size.

How to Make Money Online Writing EBooks

Making money online is something I’ve been doing for years. I earn money from advertisements, affiliate marketing, and selling my own books and eBooks. Selling my own products is by far the most satisfying because I have control over what I’m selling and I know everything about my books and eBooks which makes marketing easier. And eBooks are not only quick to write, they’re also fast to publish and customers can download and read them for years to come, without me having to do anything else. And I’m going to show you how you can earn money writing and publishing eBooks too.

Don’t Burn Out In The Fires Of Change

You rarely have the luxury of focusing on change. Chances are, it comes in a frenzy ontop of your usual work. Here’s how to stay cool when the pressure’s on.

Learn to Trust Yourself

How can you trust someone if you don’t trust yourself? You can’t. Read this article now and find out how to trust yourself and have a successful life.

Tell Political Leaders: Just The FACTS!

Aren’t you tired of politically elected, public officials, who resort to articulating empty promises, and rhetoric, rather than anything, of – purpose, in a relevant, sustainable manner? Isn’t it, about time, for Americans to demand better, and proclaim, to these people, Just the FACTS? Perhaps, this explains, why so many public opinion polls, indicate politicians, are often kept, in the lowest esteem, by so many Americans!

Why Leaders Must URGE Others?

You can’t, and shouldn’t, earn the right, to be considered a leader, if you fail to lead, and, either, procrastinate, or won’t strep – forward, and, lead – by – example! Great leaders must possess the self – confidence, to make the tough decisions, and consider options, and alternatives, in order to choose the best course to take, rather than, merely, resorting to taking, the path – of – least – resistance! This must translate to, proactively, being ready, willing, and able, to URGE others, so the organization, and its constituents, focus on quality planning, rather than expediency, and taking the best,…

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