Congress leader DK Shivakumar speaks to media After questioning by ED in National Herald case

Why A Phased – In, Reopening, Is Best?: 5 Keys

This year, 2020, to many, may be remembered, as one of the most challenging years, in recent memory! This pandemic, has been, horrific, and disrupted, many things, and conditions, we have considered, normal! While some, including President Donald Trump, have seemed to equate economic/ financial needs, with public health priorities, the experts, and scientists, have warned us, if we don’t proceed, wisely, and carefully, we will create much additional harm, and pain!

Why It Often, Isn’t How They CLAIM?

There isn’t anything, which is a fake fact! Either, it’s factual, or it isn’t! For generations, politicians have made claims, and assertions, and articulated, overly – simplistic, populist, empty rhetoric, when this nation, needs absolute integrity, genuine empathy, and well – considered, viable solutions, which are, both, relevant and sustainable!

Cases Are Rising, So Why Are They Behaving Like It’s Over?: 5 Considerations

While many public officials, and the majority of Americans (according to published polls), recognize the continuing danger, from this horrific pandemic, it seems, many are behaving, as if, it’s magically, gone – away! Perhaps, because President Donald Trump, continues articulating a central message, which, either equates the economy, with public health (or, it seems, often, seeming to put the dollars, first), many of his core supporters, seem to, blindly, follow – his – lead, and proceed, from a public health, perspective, somewhat, recklessly. How else would one, explain, haphazardly, reopening certain state’s economies, regardless of what, the science and data,…

Divorce Recovery & the 5 Steps to Your Next Long-Term Relationship: Step 4-A Committed Relationship

This article answers the question, “Why is a committed relationship more complicated than it looks?” The “holy grail” for many divorced people is to find a new long-term, committed relationship. Among the losses suffered in a divorce are the familiarity and comfort of a partner in life. Finding someone new to commit to a shared life together holds the promise of “paradise re-found.” The high divorce rates of subsequent marriages suggest all too often the reality is “paradise lost – again.” Why might that be the case?

Critical Thinking: Is The George Floyd Situation An Example Of How The Elite Manipulate The Masses?

Even if someone doesn’t pay much attention to what is taking place in the mainstream media, they are likely to have a heard that a black man in America was killed by a white policeman and be aware of the protests that have ensued. These are protests have taken place throughout America and in other countries around the world.

Child Abuse: Why Do Abusive Parents Deny What Happened?

Just because someone was as abused as a child, it doesn’t mean that they will realise this now that they are an adult. This can primarily be the result of the defences that their mind has in place.

At Bandhavgarh National Park Stay in Absolute Luxury

Bandhavgarh is very popular of safari holidays in Central India. Situated in the district of Umaria it is a tiger conservation unit but tourism is the major revenue generator..

Ranthambore The Land of Royal Bengal Tiger

Read About Ranthambore a tiger reserve and a National Park in India. The reserve is popular with tourists, photographers and filmmakers with interest in wildlife especially the tigers which inhabit this land.

Friends From Long Ago

Childhood friendships can be rekindled with the technology which is available today. It is possible to reconnect with old friends from long ago. Friends can bring joy to life.

How to See Better to Lead Better

Racism, institutionalised injustices, political polarisation. These are not easy issues. It is all too easy to judge and dismiss. Leadership is never easy, particularly with complex and barbed issues. Where do you start? It starts with a point of view.

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