China Preparing To Invade Taiwan? Ross Feingold & Capt. Alok Bansal Talk On Xi’s Possible Plan

Set Boundaries That Deal With Difficult Employee Behaviors

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve shared a 4 Step Approach to Dealing with Difficult Employee Behaviors to help managers and supervisors understand what employees want and need most. I mentioned that the steps in the cycle can be entered at any point but all of them should be completed. This Leadership Tip will help you set and assert boundaries, and understand the role that they play in conflict resolution.

Does Someone Need To Emotionally Separate From Their Caregivers To Be Emotionally Available?

It is one thing for someone to be in a relationship and it is another thing altogether for their emotional self to also be involved. The former involves one being with another person, the latter involves them opening up and actually being emotionally connected to them.

Secrets To Prosperity – Cultivate A Millionaire Mindset

The secret to prosperity lies in how you have programmed your thoughts. When you cannot control your mind, you will just move further away from cultivating a millionaire mindset. It is the effort that you put in not only today, but in a consistent manner that will reflect your future results.

5 Ways To Make This Go Away Sooner!

While, nearly, everyone, would prefer, things, to go back to some semblance, of normal, sooner, rather than later, we have (or should have) come to realize, it will only happen, when reopening, is based on public health, well – considered, planning, and done, carefully, in a prepared manner. We have seen the ramifications of the political path, of President Donald Trump, minimizing the pandemic’s danger, and making demands of Governors, to reopen, first, their economies, and now, schools, by a specific deadline, seemingly, regardless of the potential, negative ramifications, of doing so. Those states, who followed these edicts, have witnessed,…

5 Economic Ramifications From This Pandemic

This horrific pandemic, which will probably, become infamous, and referred to, as something like, the Virus of 2020, etc, not only, has created, to date, within this nation, over 3 million infections, and 140, 000 deaths, but, many significant economic ramifications, which may have, long – lasting impacts, for a considerable, period of time, into the future. Although, we should prioritize the public health impact, and focus on proceeding with common sense, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing/ sanitizing our hands, often, while placing the common good, and public, way ahead of economic/ political necessities, if, our…

6 Reasons Our Election System Is Flawed!

When, twice this century, we have witnessed, the candidate, receiving fewer popular votes, win the Presidential election, many believe, it indicates, the electoral system, is, at the very least, flawed! Wasn’t our nation, created and developed, based on, the concept of, one – man, one – vote? Although, at the time, the definition of who qualified, as a man, in today’s terms, seems to be, biased, and sexist, at that time, it seemed progressive, and extraordinary!

Mary Swann by Carol Shields

Mary Swann by Carol Shields examines the motives and actions of people who have become associated with the work of an unknown poet. Mary Swann wrote. Mary Swann published, but only a slim volume of a hundred or so poems. That was in 1965, the year when she was also brutally murdered by her husband. Likened now by those in the know to Emily Dickinson, her work has become the subject of study and interest. But who was Mary Swann? Why did she write? And where is the meaning?

Divorce Recovery Mindset: The Case of the Kidnapped Son

This article answers the question, “What does making the choice between ‘being right’ and ‘being happy’ look like in real life?” It’s easy to choose being happy over being right when the stakes are low and there is nothing on the line. What would you do, however, if the stakes are huge and your child is on the line? Here is how one person managed that unbelievable situation.

Facebook Business Page Setup… The Quickest Way to Fuel Your Business Growth!

Wondering How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page that without a doubt will drive stampedes of customers to your door? What if, we can show you how to set-up your Facebook business page in 15 minutes… 30 minutes tops!… Excited?

If You’re Bored In Retirement, You’re Doing Something Wrong!

Too often you hear about people finding their retirement to be boring. If that’s the case, you’re doing something wrong! Find out how to add some excitement to your life and customize a retirement lifestyle that will bring you added enjoyment.

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