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The 2012 Prophecy – Read What the Experts Are Saying About Our Fate in 2012

The year 2012 is becoming a well known year associated with the end of the world. But will the Earth really be eaten by a giant black hole, or will the magnetic poles rotate in less then 3 days? Find out what the experts are saying about December 2012.

The Partition of Palestine – What is It?

The historical United Nations General Assembly vote on the plan for the partition of Palestine led to the creation of the State of Israel. It also set the stage for the first Arab Israeli war.

Ship Piracy – A Real Concern in the Modern World

Many of us thought up until recently stories of ship piracy belonged to the pages of history books or fairy tales. Piracy is a real problem however, with the International Maritime Bureau reporting that 78 ships were victims of piracy this year alone.

Does China’s Foreign Policy Lack Moral Grounding – Yes

It is well known amongst international foreign affair analysts that China does what is best for the Chinese, regardless of how it affects others in the world. Over the last decade they have been a little more cognizant of what is expected in the world and are a little more careful in not doing anything too drastic. Still, they trade with rogue nations, and problematic regimes that are involved in human rights violations.

Who is Peter Varghese

A brief introduction of Peter Verghese who is Australian but of Indian Origin and has recently taken charge as the High commissioner of Australia to India.It is his first posting and he faces tough challenges in India, especially after the alleged racist attacks on Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne. Only time will tell how he manages the tight rope walk.

List of Terrorist Acts Done by Farc

Kidnappings, assassinations, extortions, these are just a few of the numerous activities included in the list of terrorist acts done by FARC. Being the oldest and largest of the insurgent groups of the Americas, they have set the standards to conducting bloody and indiscriminate attacks not only aimed against the Colombian military and police forces, but also against the civilian population.

The People’s King – A Young Monarch With a Heart of Gold

A new golden era has been heralded in Bhutan, the Land of the hidden treasures. Steered by the fourth King, the 100 years of a golden rule by the Wangchuk Dynesty has culminated into a constitutional Democratic Monarchy.

Cultural Appropriation in American Popular Culture – A Musing of Abuse and Amusement

The globalization process, starting with man’s first steps beyond the horizon, is nigh complete. This integration of politics, economics, culture and biology has erupted a volcano of change to many traditional societies as well as shaped American culture.

Russia Is Being Eclipsed and Becoming Irrelevant Due to China’s Exponential Growth

Russia used to be considered a world superpower due to its military might, but after the collapse of The Soviet Communist Nation it has become irrelevant in the world. China knows this, but is using Russia and pretending to be its friend in order to exploit a trade arrangement to continue to get Russian oil, and to get the Russians to increase the supply of oil, that China so desperately needs. The Chinese government of course has secret plans to enforce its borders and eventually encroach onto Russian territory.

Is China on the Verge of Discovering Massive Oil Reserves in Their Own Country? Yes

It is often said that China is thirsty for raw materials and oil. Obviously, as long as the rest of the world buys from China, they need raw materials to make all the products that they produce. This means they need aluminum, steel, copper, silver, platinum, lead, and well, you name it.

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