BJP’s Ram Kadam Rebutes Controversial Cleric’s ‘Live-in’ Comment; ‘This Shouldn’t Be Politicised’

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

It goes without saying, that hiring a commercial cleaning company is only a cost-effective, but also a valuable investment by a business. Besides, a work environment that is kept spotless and clean will have a positive effect on the appearance as well as the image of the business. However, while you can find a slew of commercial cleaning companies, choosing the right one is not as easy as it sounds.

Time For Baby Boomers to Take Coronavirus Seriously

Like many baby boomers, I feel young and healthy, so I wasn’t overly concerned when this whole thing started and I listened to news reports about coronavirus. Things have changed. Now, I’m not advising that we boomers start panicking, but I think it’s time for an attitude adjustment for boomers who have felt invincible to this point. Because, clearly, we’re not.

Live Your Truth (And Get Chatty About It)

Want to create organisational change? Be the change you want to see in the world… then get to talking. Here’s how.

These Trooubled Times

History is filled with troubled times. It is how man adapts to the circumstances that surrounds them that dictates if they will persevere or will succumb to the temptation in creating more turbulent times. Today, man has shown that he has succumbed to the temptation in creating more turbulent times.

Script to Deal With the Covid-19 Objection

“We’re just not doing anything until this virus situation is settled… ” Sound familiar? It should. You probably get this objection, or some version of it, every day now.

God In The Midst of Turmoil

For those of us who believe in God and trust Him; we are not troubled by the latest pandemic of the Corona virus. Preventative care and common-sense measures should be taken by each of us to keep ourselves healthy. Simply washing our hands and staying hydrated will cost us a minimum amount of time and money.

Membership Site Basics and 8 Models You Can Choose From

There are two basic models of membership sites. After that you have several choices on how to deliver your content to your members, a little at a time, all at once, is it going to be a limited time membership or is it going to be ongoing? Are you giving them just info related to a specific area, or are you giving them a structured course? These considerations and more will go into how you want your membership site structured.

Baby Blues and Post Natal Depression

After the birth of your baby you are likely to feel tired after sleepless nights. Also your body has been through quite an ordeal carrying baby for 9 months followed by the exertion of giving birth. Perhaps you had a prolonged labour, or you may be feeling anxious wondering how you will cope caring for this little helpless bundle. Maybe you are worrying you won’t automatically bond with your baby. Besides these worries your hormones are running riot in your body which can make you tearful for no reason. This will usually pass quite quickly and you will really start to enjoy motherhood but if it continues or you are worried speak to your health visitor or doctor for advice.

Affiliate Marketing: What Products To Promote?

When you begin to think about all of the affiliate products in the world that can be promoted, it may seem a little overwhelming. Just which type of product should you work with?

6 Tips for Writing Conversational Content

Conversational copywriting resonates with your audience. Here are 6 tips to ensure your content sounds like you’re having a conversation with a friend – but more compelling.

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