BJP’s Kusum Tete Demands ‘Immediate Action’ Against TMC Min Akhil Giri For Insulting President Murmu

7 Essential Oils Useful For Inducing Sound Sleep

This article states the uses of seven essential oils that have been proved to be useful in inducing sleep to the tired eyes of people suffering from insomnia. These herbal oils calm down the nerves and make users fall asleep very quickly. Moreover, there are other health benefits of using these oils regularly, either with the bathwater or before going to bed.

How A Person Becomes A Success

This article is a basic real life story of how a self published author became a success in his life. This article shows that through perseverance you can consider yourself a success. Success is relative to the person.

Best 10 Small Business Ideas Of 2020

The idea of starting a business can be exciting and all it requires is time, effort, money, and a fresh idea. We can definitely help you with the ‘idea’ part. Let’s get started with 10 small business ideas that can get you started.

Facts One Need to Know About International Yoga Day

Yoga has become India’s gift to mankind. Its role in stress management, improving self-esteem and overall wellness of the body is now known to the world. Hence, the UN body has chosen to allocate a day for the world to do yoga.

Journey Through the Forests of Athirapally and Vazhachal

A trip to the Indian version of World-renowned Niagra Water Falls in the southern state of India, Kerala, which is also called as God’s Own Country, takes one to a different world. Read this article to know what a traveler to this part of the world can expect to see.

Watchdog Not Watched Dog

Journalism – objective, investigative and reformer reporting – must return to the tabloids, the screen and the cyberspace. We need men and women who understand that the chickens we fear are scared to death that we might find out how fearful they are. Only those who have a rare command of the world of words can cut through the maze that corruption and poor leadership have sown in our soil for us to feed our children with.

How Is Feminism Reflected in Literature?

A short intro about how feminism has been part of the literature all our lives. Different authors from different eras have always contributed to women’s rights with what they had at hand..

Office Reservation System for Employers and Employees for Return to Work Post COVID19

DeskFlex office reservation system helps in ensuring safe office environments. Employers can ensure the safety of their organization with the advantage of software technology that quickly adapts to the COVID crisis and provides office space management software solutions.

Classroom Scheduling Software for Teachers and Educators for Back to School Post COVID 19

When and how will schools be reopened? It will all depend on the preparedness of schools to comply with the COVID protocols recommended by health experts and governments. Communities across the US are slowly bringing back their students to the classroom. DeskFlex classroom scheduling software helps in ensuring safe campus environments.

The Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation Review

The Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation was brought to the world, bringing about even better sound and a better look. The Echo Show was one of those devices that when first brought to the market, not everyone was sure about what it offered. After all, it was going up against some of the bigger names in video calling like the Google Assistant.

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