BJP’s Giriraj Singh echoes ‘Love Jihad’ allegations made by Shraddha’s father

7 Tips to Help You Buy a Great Sofa

Buying a sofa or couch is not a small investment. Since this piece of furniture will stay with you for decades, make sure you consider a few important factors before buying one. Although everyone has their own style preferences, some factors must be considered no matter who is buying this item.

5. Tips To Help You Choose an LED Power Supply

If you are on this page, chances are that you are looking for a power supply to convert AC voltage into DC voltage. Keep in mind that you need to consider a lot of factors when looking for the right LED power supply to meet your needs. Given below are the tips to help you opt for one.

Your Relationship With Desire Shapes Your Impact

Your impact is a deep, unique expression of who you are. Diminishing your desire for impact rains on the parade of who you are and what you contribute.

A Respite For My Soul

My guess would be that every one of us could use a respite from the constant bad news, changing news and conflicting news that is everywhere during this pandemic. But what really is a respite and does it most affect your body, mind or spirit?

5 Tips to Purify the Air in Your Home

The importance of clean air circulation is important for your home, especially if you can’t open the doors or windows to allow fresh air inside. The idea is to make a few effective changes. Given below are some of the tips that can help you purify your indoor air.

5 Good Reasons to Opt for an Air Purifier For Your Home

The air quality in your home is as important as your routine amenities. Indoor air has a lot of tiny microbes that can have an adverse effect on your health. Some common problems include flu and respiratory issues.

Why Has The US Fared So Poorly, Compared To Other Nations?: 3 Possibilities

Many Americans have proudly, in the past, pointed – to, the many ways, this nation, has clearly demonstrated, its unique character, and manner, standing – out, at the so – called, head – of – the – line, in so many instances, and/ or, cases! This makes it, even, more concerning, about, how we’ve responded to this recent health crisis! Not only has our response, and reactions, failed to stand – out, for the better, but, to many, it appears, we have lost, much of our previous luster!

5 Benefits of Plastic Cosmetic Tubes for Makers and Buyers

Today, we can see a huge number of cosmetic products in the market. Some common examples of these products include sunscreen, anti-aging, hair remover and whitening products. These products trigger the interest of both men and women.

Selective Reopenings: Some Questionable Choices

Although, it was a politically, economically, challenging decision/ move/ action, to institute, stay – at – home recommendations, etc, or what some refer to, as closing the nation, from a public health perspective, it was clearly, the right one to make! Although, many believe many of these steps and measures, were done, too late, and should have been clearly coordinated, by the Federal government, it was clear, President Donald Trump, had no stomach, for doing so! To the scientific experts, the step, was essential, to curb the growth of the disease, or, flatten the curve, so the pandemic would not be, even more…

Many Others Don’t, But His Core Supporters Still Believe Him!: 5 Possibilities

A recent public opinion survey, states, one – sixth of the American public, receive nearly all their news – related information, from President Trump. They become convinced, to an even greater degree, when his sometimes – favorite news media, offers a supporting position. While, the majority of our citizens, by now, believe the present occupant of the White House, is perhaps, the least honorable, honest, etc, man to hold the office, in recent memory, his core supporters, either, don’t care, have bought – into his narrative, or prefer Trump’s Fake Facts, to, the information, communication by most of the media, and,…

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