BJP Protests Against Shraddha’s Murder By live-in partner Aaftab, Raises ‘love jihad’ Allegations

Layoffs Not Long Term Solution For Firm’s Saving Tough Times

Layoffs are not a long-term answer for firms when they face tough times. Nine-eleven and the Great Recession tested firms with no-layoff policies.

Memorial Day, 2020

Like much else about our society in these challenging days of Covid-19, Memorial Day, 2020 observances will no doubt be abbreviated from the usual practices. There will be no Indy 500 with the solemn pre-race playing of taps honoring our American war dead. Some cemeteries may be decorated with American flags over the graves of veterans, but probably not to the extent as in years past.

Extinguishing Fires in the Prostate

Men are not always the best at discussing more personal issues. The prostate gland can be very pesty as men age. An enlarged prostate is more normal than abnormal, but it still commands attention for a proper (and very uncomfortable) diagnosis and treatment, to minimize complications.

Importance of Pest Control for Homeowners

The importance of pest control can’t be denied as these creatures carry a number of diseases and infest your bedrooms and kitchens. Therefore, they need to be controlled if you want to keep yourself and your kids healthy. Rodents, for instance, may drop feces on your food in the kitchen.

Data, Versus Gut – Feelings: 5 Areas To Consider

How many times, has the present occupant of the White House, declared himself, a genius, and stated, he makes the decisions, because of some unique set of abilities, perceptions, etc? Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of New York, who is also a true, self – made billionaire, and one of the ten wealthiest individuals, often, refers to his slogan, In G-d we trust, All others bring data. This means, sane, quality policy, and decisions, require fact – finding, considering options, and alternatives, and making final decisions, based on data, and science.

Hypocrisy, And The Cry For Freedom: 4 Examples

How often, have we heard, certain people, demand their personal freedom, be honored, when it seems, convenient, to them, but, it doesn’t appear to be important to them, when it impacts others? The American Constitution protects and guarantees a variety of rights, privileges, freedoms, etc, without declaring one, is more important than another. Common sense, for example, should indicate, if it makes sense to require a valid Driver’s License, and Automobile Registration, and many other things, for the public good, and safety, how can it not make common sense, to require, at least, the same, when it comes to registering…

Starting Again As Lockdown Restrictions Lift

As lockdown restrictions start to lift it’s becoming increasingly apparent that there are distinct differences in our attitudes towards moving forward. How do we start again after such an unprecedented early 2020, a decade that began with such promise, effectively wiped out overnight!

Is He A Clear Danger To Public Health?: At Least, 5 Examples

When well over a million people have been infected with COVID19 and the estimates are, more than 100, 000 will die, before this pandemic ends (already over 90,000), unless one is a core supporter of this President, and believes his every word, denial, bit of rhetoric, and often – empty promises, there are plenty of reasons, to be concerned! From the onset, and even, in the period, before, President Trump, rather than, immediately consulting with public health experts, has, apparently, denied its existence, called the situation a hoax, blamed his predecessor, blamed the Democrats, the Chinese, and the World Health…

The Importance of Blue Light Glasses for Kids

We are surrounded by blue light no matter where we go. This is the light that gives the blue color to the sky. The same light is emitted by the screens of the mobile phones and tablets when your kid plays his favorite games.

Regular Fitness Tips To Keep You Healthy And Fit

Looking for the perfect health and wellness solutions to keep your body fit and to improve the overall health? Naturazi Health provides the most effective health advice and tips.

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