BJP launches ‘Reel to real life’ Dig at Kejriwal As Poster War Intensifies Ahead of MCD Elections

What Causes Hypertension (and How to Treat It)

Is excessive consumption of salt the main culprit in chronic high blood pressure? Or is it sugar? Or something else? And what is the best treatment? Let’s find out…

Dental Advice for Teens

What are the effects of smoking, taking drugs or drinking alcohol on oral health? Smoking may cause tooth stains, tooth loss and gum disease. It causes bad breath as well.

3 Highly Recommended Tools When You Start Affiliate Marketing

These 3 tools are not the only ones that affiliate marketers can use to see more success in their online business. However, there are the top 3 that are recommended by most other marketers.

Are You A Wonderful Person? If Unsure or Interested in Objective Measures of This Quality, Read This

We are all somewhere along a continuum from being a pain in the ass to being wonderful. Where are you and how can you tell, in a somewhat objective manner? This essay does not profess to make such a judgment, but it does offer information about and standards of excellence that will enable you to come pretty close to recognizing not just how wonderful you are, but how you might become even more wonderful than ever.

The Benefits of Setting Up Recurring Payments for Rent Collection

More than half of the population do not pay their bills on a timely manner just because they forgot to do so. Landlords who no longer want to remind their tenants of due rent payments, as well as tenants who like to improve their credit rating and rental history should think about setting up recurring payments. This provides tenants with a “set and forget” alternative to make sure their rent payment is withdrawn from their bank account every month.

Three Steps to Reducing Fear of Coronavirus

Fear and panic about the global coronavirus crisis is as destructive as the actual problem, if not more so. Use these three empowering steps to take back control of your mindset, and generate calm in yourself and those around you.

Meet Your Match! 5 Tips for Using Dating Sites to Find the Love of Your Life

Gone are the days when people browsed through the newspaper columns or asked friends to set them up with dates. In today’s day and age, more and more people are using dating sites to meet their better halves. Besides, dating online offers certain perks that are harder to come by when meeting people through traditional means. However, when it comes to online dating, the real challenge is presenting yourself in an honest yet entertaining way, and attracting someone who is looking for the same sort of relationship you are. There are a number of factors that you need to take into account to be more successful when using these dating sites.

Change Isn’t War (But You Should Treat It Like It Is)

Your people aren’t soldiers and there is no enemy. Even so, organisational transformation is like a battle for your very survival.

The Foundation of All Foundations

When you want to learn or master someone, the advice you hear is always the same. I say that advice doesn’t go far enough – not by a long shot.

Do You Do Too Much for Them?

When we undertake certain roles in life it influences our mindset, affects the way we behave and interact. But gradually, over time, we may end up doing too much for others; is it habit, expectation, wanting to be liked?

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