Biden, Xi Jinping Meet In Person For First Time Since Both Took Office On Sidelines Of G20 Summit

“Dak Ackerthefifth and the Ethics Of Heroism” by Joshua S Joseph

To be a hero is to pick a side. And to pick a side is to declare both a victim and a villain. The problem with the real world is that good and bad are rarely, if ever, clear. A TRAGIC MYTH, AN EXISTENTIAL ROLLER COASTER, AN INTERROGATION OF A CULTURE OBSESSED WITH IMPACT AND MEANING.

An Everlasting Debate – Which Is Better? Forgiveness or Retribution

This article discusses the topic of an everlasting debate, regarding the importance of forgiveness vs. retribution in man’s life. Some people, including religious preachers, prefer forgiveness over the tendency of taking revenge. However, some people feel that retribution to some extent is needed for correcting the mindset of miscreants.

Six Cool Job Ideas After Your Retirement

Hey, are you a retired person or about to retire from the job? Are you thinking about letting yourself into another profession after retirement? If yes, then you are at the right place to get some ideas to start cool retirement jobs.

Deepa Malik – You’re Never Too Old to Start Learning

Deepa Malik (30 September 1970) is an Indian athlete who has won a silver medal in shot put F53 Category with lifetime personal best performance of 4.61 meters at Rio Summer Paralympics 2016 making her first Indian woman ever to win a medal at Paralympics games. She has also won gold in F 53/54 Javelin event at the para athletic Grand Prix held in Dubai in 2018 and is currently in the world number one in the F-53 category.

Jyoti Amge – Small Size, Big Achievements

Jyoti Kisange Amge (16 December 1993) is an Indian woman holding Limca Book of Records and Guinness Book of Records for being the smallest living woman in the world with a recorded height of 62.8 cms (2feet 0.6inch). Her limited height is due to a growth abnormality called Achondroplasia.

Crafting a Powerful Persuasive Presentation

When it comes to meeting people and presenting in person, you are in a good position to ‘read the room’, to get a sense of how your information is or isn’t being accepted. You can see first-hand the nuances of body language, facial gestures and signs of disengagement of people looking at their mobile phones.

How Does Wittgenstein Understand Philosophy?

Does it still make any sense to maintain dividing lines or boundaries between sciences or disciplines? In other words, are epistemological hierarchies still valid nowadays?

The Promise of the Holy Spirit


How To Create Pay Per Click Ads That Get Results

Running a successful PPC campaign is easy for small business owners today with the tools available on Google as well as social media like Facebook. But, before you start, ensure that you have a goal in mind, and that you have prepared for the PPC campaign to be successful.

Love Notes on the Wind, I Love To Walk the Land (2 Poems)

Love Notes on the Wind – Life provides countless forms of beauty, each one a precious gift. I Love to Walk the Land – Being alone on the land need not be a fearsome thing, provided a kinship has been established.

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