Bhagwant Mann-Led Punjab Govt Bans Public Display Of Firearms; Orders Review Of Weapon Licences

Peace and Joy at Work

We spend the biggest part of the day at work. The place where you work, the people who work with you, the people you work for, have a significant impact on you.

Work With Respect

A few years have passed since I’ve left the business world behind. There were good times, but also challenging times when the cash flow wasn’t flowing that well.

The Right Thing to Do

You know Liewe Heksie? She doesn’t know that many words and when King Rosekrans uses a big word she doesn’t understand, she is so embarrassed that she bores a hole in the ground with her big toe.

Healthy Words for the Virus

We must remember that the fall has impacted our humanity in a major way. In some way, we’re sick and completely stained by sin.

Self-Awareness: Does the Ego-Mind Make It Hard For Someone To Face Their Inner Wounds?

There are a number of things that are part of the human experience, and having inner wounds is one of them. It doesn’t matter how good someone’s early years were or how good their adult years have been, they will have baggage.

Believe In The Raw Data, Instead Of Interpretations

In a period of time, when there appears to be, either, an incredible amount of, so – called, fake facts, articulated, apparently, from both sides of the political spectrum, and, it seems, depending on which media, someone reads, there is different news/ realities, the wise thing, for responsible citizens/ voters, to – do, is look at the raw data, instead of the interpretations! These days, more than ever before, in recent memory, does this seem, to be the wisest approach, but, unfortunately, because, it takes some skill, more effort, and a willingness, to thoroughly examine, as many relevant matters, as…

5 Basic Keys To Defeat This Virus

The public health crisis, being experienced, throughout the world, is one of the most horrific pandemics, in recent memory! The United States, with about 4% of the world’s population, has witnessed, approximately, one – third, of the known cases, and deaths! When, do any of us remember, American citizens, being restricted, in terms of travel to many countries, including the United Kingdom, European Union, etc, because of a health – related issue?

10 Examples Of Trump’s Dangerous Pandemic Response

Let me begin this article by stating, from the onset of his campaigning, for the highest office in our land, I strongly believed, he was, in terms, a reality television celebrity, might relate – to, not ready for prime – time. Although, I have, on several occasions, felt the elected individual, may have been, the lesser – of – two – evils, this was the first – time, in my memory, I feared for my nation, because he appeared, ill – prepared, to effectively plan, in case of any challenge, and, especially, in times of crisis! Unfortunately, although many of his actions…

What Are Beta Glucans and How Do They Help You?

What are Beta Glucans? They belong to the family of complex carbohydrates present in certain food items. They are polysaccharides.

What Are Micro Switches And Why Are Are They Popular?

As the electrical devices are becoming smaller and the efficiency of usage is increasing as well, the need for more efficient switches is in demand. This is the reason why microswitches are the most demanded. Popularly known as snap action switches, these are one of the most popular miniature switches that are used in the appliances and various modern technology devices.

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