Arnab’s Lead Tonight: Has Love-Jihad Become A Reality In India?

Journey of the Soul’s Truth?

Journey of the Soul -How we can ‘master’ our soul’s truth and ego to acquire the desired results and understanding of our being in the world. Life coaches are great at helping us set a direction, achieve our goals and attributes.

Agave Distillates and the Women Who Make Them: Oaxacan Mezcal and the Female of the Specie

Most people wrongly assume that mezcal distillation is almost exclusively within the purview of men, to the exclusion of women. This presumption could not be further from reality. Women are just as integrally involved in producing mezcal, as are men, save and except when it comes to their physical and division-of-the-sexes division of labor which is dictated by child-rearing and other related aspects of life, at least in the case of rural Oaxaca, one of the southernmost states in Mexico.

How To Attack This Virus Spiritually At This Time

How are you fighting or protecting yourself from this COVID-19 virus that is afflicting people today? Surely, whatever you are using or doing will affect the state of your mind. And though, there are many suggestions available, there is one that is good for your mind and proven not to fail. This article gives you the perfect way to fight against the virus spiritually.

Why A Public Leader’s TONE Matters?

Although, this has been true, for many years, during this recent health crisis/ pandemic, we have witnessed, clearly, how the TONE articulated, by any public leader, makes a relevant difference, In some cases, this is a positive one, and helps someone, become a more effective, motivating, inspiring leader. On the other hand, when someone, proceeds with a negative attitude, and appeals to baser instincts, rather than quality ones, it creates polarization, and division, when unity, and focusing on the greater good, and achieving a meeting – of – the – minds, is beneficial, and absolutely, necessary, in times of crisis. If you put -…

Networking and Coaching

Do not get stuck in your networking goals. Learn these tips for hiring a great networking coach / mentor.

It’s No Time For Panic, But, When Will People LEARN To Listen?

Playing – on – the – words, of Robert Frost, but, perhaps, even more accurately, If you can keep your head, when those around you, are losing theirs, you probably don’t fully understand, what’s going on! However, while it serves little purpose, to bury – your – head – in – the – sand, nor does wearing, rose – colored glasses, the best approach, probably, is, to proceed, in a well – considered manner, gather all relevant information, and, for our public officials, to earn the trust of constituents, so, when, there is urgent news, and/ or, a potential crisis, our citizens, are ready, willing, and…

Handling A Pandemic: No Place For On – The – Job Training!: 5 Examples

If you ever wondered about, what, not – ready – for = prime – time, really meant, and the potential, undesirable ramifications, unfortunately, we seem to be, living – through, this nightmare – scenario! While, it is unfair, and untrue, to blame, President Donald Trump, for the illness, it is fair, to fault him, for many aspects of his administration’s response, which began, it seems, when the United States Government, first, learn about it. Whether, it is because of Trump’s arrogance/ ego (often, articulating, he knows more than the so – called, experts, or, because of his political priorities, earlier…

Spiritual Practice in a Changing World

We’ve been praying for global shift haven’t we? Well here it is. The cards have been dealt. The question now becomes how do we play them?

Ignorance And Arrogance Are Poor Traits For Public Leaders: Together, They Are Dangerous!

Whether, we are considering, an organizational leader, or a public one, both, ignorance, and arrogance, are undesirable traits! While, bad, individually, when combined, they are, usually, dangerous! Whether one supports, President Trump, or not, there should be little argument, that he is, often, unprepared, and, either, somewhat, ignorant, or, lacks the training, and understanding, experience, and relevant expertise, we have witnessed, from previous occupants of the White House!

Are You Energetically Feeding Into What You Don’t Want?

If you were to take a step back and to reflect on your life, you may find that there are a number of things that you are not too happy about. In addition to this, you could find that you spend a far amount of time thinking about these areas.

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