Arnab’s Lead Tonight: Can Aaftab Be Taken At Face Value In Shraddha’s Horrific Murder?

God Knows Our Thoughts

God recently showed me how he listens to my thoughts. “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4. Always look for the small miracles that show God’s love for you.

Casual Is Not Always Appropriate

If confession is good for the soul, I would like to give my soul a little treat. During this “stay-at-home” phenomenon, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly, have been enjoying our time alone. We certainly have taken advantage of it. Not too long ago, my wife came up with something to make our time a little more memorable. She called it, casual pajama time. After breakfast, we would wear our morning casual pajamas. After lunch, it would be our afternoon casual pajamas. And, after supper, it would be our evening casual pajamas. I never heard of this before, but I joined in with the fun. I knew what time of the day it was by the pajamas I was wearing at that time. There is always something good in everything.

The Human Paradigm Shift

As we busy ourselves with our life’s pursuits, sometimes things happen to break our self-concentration. A flash of light, followed by the crash of thunder drops us into sudden fear! Then, the startling moment passes. But, suppose the moment does not pass quickly. We may then determine to change our behavior permanently.

Why Intuition Will Become Our New Currency

We are in the midst of an important change for all of humanity. In the past few months, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected our lives in unprecedented ways. We have been forced to reconsider how we interact with others and isolate ourselves in our own homes. There’s still a lot to learn, but it’s heart-warming to see nations working together to find a cure for the virus.

Interconnected Reality

Sure, the terms “everything is living” and “all is one” occurred to me as I was conceiving this article over the last few days. I do not think I made a mistake in understanding the interconnected nature of everything in reality. Well, here goes:

Best Tourist-Attractions in Lyon, France

Lyon is the second-most important city in France, after Paris. Although the city doesn’t make it too often onto tourist itineraries, plenty of amazing cultural treasures await visitors who take their time in order to explore to the fullest this location.

How to Manage the Social Media With Covid-19 Around

During Covid-19 use your social media profile wisely. Do not appear as a brand taking advantage of the crisis but a responsible one siding with your audience.

How Tour Operators Cope With The COVID-19 Pandemic?

Impact of COVID-19 in Hotel and travel Industry. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have taken a hit but the major brunt was seen and felt almost instantly in the travel and tourism industry.

Learn SEO Basics To Make Your Digital Marketing Campaign Successful

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation. It is all about learning and using tactics, strategies to enhance the visibility of web resources like websites, web pages in various search engine results pages. If you are an SEO executive then you need to have the basics right to be successful in your digital marketing campaign. This blog discusses the SEO basics that are helpful in your for the professional search engine optimiser.

Getting Rid of Cabbage Moth

You do everything possible to have healthy growth and ‘bang’ your plants get slammed by some critter or another. What do you do? As more and more of us are concerned about climate change from chemicals and the like, we turn to the old ways of control. This means, in general, natural control for all those bugs that help themselves to our crops.

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