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Corporate and Personal Yacht Parties

One of the fastest-growing trends for corporate events and get-togethers is having a corporate social gathering on a high-class yacht. It’s a chance to get away from the work environment and do something new, something fun, and something memorable. Sure, as a corporate event planner you could have another house party at one of the executive’s homes, or you could rent out a restaurant or some other facility if you have a large number of guests, but it won’t be something that people will be talking about next quarter. When you have a yacht party, they’ll be talking about it for years.

Yacht Parties Quickly Becoming the Highest Rated Social Event

Have you ever been to a yacht party? If you had, you’d have remembered it. At least that’s what the latest polling data is showing for corporate event planners. Consider if you will, having a cocktail on a party yacht with people you know, like and work with – watching the Sun slowly set, looking out and seeing the islands and looking to the other side of the party yacht and seeing the shoreline in the distance. Just imagine that imprinting on your memory. This is something you will never forget, nor will anyone else on this short voyage either.

Party Yacht Rentals Are Great for Corporate Team Building

Want to build your team into an unstoppable powerhouse of energy, completely unified in the common cause of success? A team that is ‘in it to win it’ for all the right reasons. A team that supports each other and gives your brand the strength it needs? Would you like your team to dominate your market area and industry? Well, why not bring it all together with a party yacht rental excursion? Transform your destiny with vitality and vision.

Why Renting a Vessel for the Ultimate Yacht Party Makes So Much Sense?

Want to throw a party to top all other parties? A party that will go down in local history as the one that cannot be beaten? If so, perhaps it is time you looked into scheduling a Yacht Party Event. It’s great for wedding receptions, corporate celebrations, or team building. It’s a chance to get away from it all on the open water. Away from the stress and chaos that personifies life in the big city. Away from the traffic, the noise, and insanity.

Tired of the Rat Race – Party Yacht Rentals Are a Dream Come True

While driving or rather parking on the freeway waiting for the cars ahead to move, all I could think about was being back out on the water watching the sunset. You see, I’d recently been invited to a corporate party on a party yacht rental. This was no ordinary boat. It had all the amenities and there were about 150 guests including my happy self.

Yacht Party Charters Much Safer in The Age of CoronaVirus

Here we are going into the second quarter of 2020 and all the major cruise lines have shut down due to Covid-19 or CoronaVirus. Of course, who would want to go on a cruise with your closest friends and then 3,000 other people you don’t know who may or may not have the CoronaVirus. That sounds like a Zombie Apocalypse movie to me – no thanks. I’d much rather take my friends and family on a Yacht Party Charter boat.

What Type of Property Can Be Repossessed by Creditors and How?

Okay so, what type of property can you have repossessed? Well, let’s consider the word “Repossession” for a second. The word does suggest re-possession which means that the creditor taking back the property to ‘repossess’ it must have once possessed it in the first-place. Sure, that makes sense, right?

When Is the Best Time to Consider Bankruptcy?

No one really wants to file bankruptcy, it’s kind of like admitting you’ve failed. Still, if you are in a situation where you are borrowing more money just to eat and survive and simultaneously borrowing more money to pay off previous debt, filing for bankruptcy might be a prudent path forward. If you are unable to juggle all your current debt and have no prospects for increasing your income anytime soon then it is time to at least consider the concept.

Creditor Harassment and Abuse

California law provides consumer protection from unfair, deceptive, and/or abusive debt collectors and illegal debt collection techniques and practices. If a debt collector threatens violence or even suggests bad things will happen to you if you don’t pay a particular debt, they are breaking the law. In fact, in California that is considered a criminal act and the authorities will pursue it.

CoronaVirus (CoVid-19) Crisis and Bankruptcy – What You Need to Know

To say the CoronaVirus (CoVid-19) Pandemic has changed everything is an understatement. It is estimated that 1/3 of businesses and rental unit tenants did not pay their rent on time in March or April. That number is expected to climb as the lockdown of our businesses and people continues amid the CoVid-19 risks of infection and serious illness, in some cases death. Luckily, in Ventura County, we’ve not had the level of carnage that Americans in New York City are having. Still, our county next door, Los Angeles County is not exactly having the same stellar results that we are enjoying in Ventura County.

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