Arnab Goswami Debate: PM Modi Sets The Ball Rolling For G20 Presidency As India’s Influence Augments

Relationships: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Feel Trapped Around Others?

There are those that feel comfortable in their own company and in the company of others, and there are those that don’t. When it comes to the former, it is likely to show that someone has a strong sense of self.

Stop Accepting The LIES!

Many believe, President Donald Trump, is largely – driven, by his need for attention, and a degree of adulation! Does this explain, his apparent tendency, to avoid telling the truth, when lying is possible? When political fact – checker state, he LIES, so often, why is he able to get away with it?

3 Tips for Online Networking Meetings

Check out these useful tips for conducting sessions online. Learn the proper protocol and how to facilitate efficient gatherings remotely.

Over 60,000 Dead: Why Is Federal Government Removing Its Guidelines?

With over 60, 000 dead, and a million, inflicted by COVID19, why has the Federal Government decided, it’s the right time, to, not only reduce/ remove its guidelines, but, encourage states to open – up business, despite the obvious, potential, public health ramifications, and the suggestions of nearly all of its experts? Is this an example of a, mere difference of opinion, priorities, or political populism, at its worst? Since the guidelines, which expired, as of midnight, on April 30, 2020, included significant suggestions, such as Social Distancing, using face coverings, avoiding crowds, etc, what might be the possible, undesirable…

Spending Lockdown With Someone You Want to Divorce!

I daresay there are quite a few of us confined to our homes with someone we don’t like or have fallen out of love with. We may have finally decided it’s over, but COVID-19 means it’s impossible to issue divorce papers. We can’t relocate, so we’re forced to spend lockdown together. How do we manage to do that?

Networking Intelligence

Do not leave your networking to chance. Learn this terminology for maximizing your networking efforts and processes.

Trauma: Can Trauma Cause Someone To See Themselves As Just An Observer Of Reality?

When someone wakes up in the morning, it can be as though they are simply observing what is going on around them. Once they have left their bedroom or wherever they were sleeping, their experience can be the same.

What Organizational Leaders Must Do, During Challenging Times?

Being a quality, effective leader, during somewhat, normal times, is often difficult, and challenging, because, it requires, the right combination, of a positive, can – do, attitude, a well – developed, relevant skill – set/ aptitude, proper leadership training, the ability to objectively see things, both, as they are, as well as, they should be, and having considerable expertise, as well as the self – confidence, to make a meaningful difference, for the better! True leaders avoid mere populism, but, rather, seek, relevant, sustainable approaches, and achieving viable solutions. However, in these trying, challenging times, we need leaders, ready, willing,…

The President, Versus The Governor: 5 Major Differences

Every day, since our primary focus, became this horrific, pandemic, many public officials, provide daily briefings. Many Mayors, County Executives, Governors, and the President, have done so! Although the style of each of these individuals, significantly differs, the supposed intent, of each, was to inform the public, hopefully reducing anxieties, addressing concerns, and introducing the most appropriate actions, forward.

Why Politics Doesn’t Excuse Abandoning Safe Public Health Measures?: 5 Examples

Some say, politics and smart public policies, are often strange – bedfellows! In normal times (this period we are experiencing may be many things, but few world call it, normal), it is an annoyance, and potentially dangerous, both in the immediate, as well as longer – term, especially, when it comes to the potential ramifications of certain populist actions, in terms of the sustainable future needs! However, today, during one of the worst pandemics, in over a century, especially, as it has impacted the United States, we must not accept the expedient, and demand, politics, personal/ political agendas, and self – interest,…

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