Another FIR filed against NCP leader Jitendra Awhad in an alleged assault case

America to Trump: “You’re Fired!”

It took a deadly pandemic to shake a happy-go-lucky young America from its wild fling with Donald Trump. His glib sensationalism won him an election but those same qualities proved deadly in a leader. The utter chaos of Trump’s presidential insufficiency led to a social rebellion that forced America to reckon with its very identity…

Why Folks Trust Those Who Are Wrong About Everything

Think people trust the most credible sources? Ha – think again. According to this research, the key to building trust is what I’ve said all along.

The Ingredients Label for Placebos

Placebos are just sugar pills, right? They sure are… and no, not at all. Many ingredients go into a good placebo – here’s a list.

Racism in America

Racism in America is as real as apple pie and the American flag. It has been a part of this country for over 200 years and is an integral; part of our history. The sad truth is there are still those who are not interested in ceasing racism but rather profiting from feeling like they are in charge.

I Can’t Even Milk an Imaginary Cow

Hypnosis makes you suggestable… but you’re still you. In fact, as this story shows, you’re more ‘you’ inside a trance than outside it.

My Rehab Program for Avoiding Hip, Trochanter, or Iliotibial Band Pain

I was training for a half-marathon and my hip was killing me! I had to find a way to strengthen my supporting muscles.

How To Create More Income With Less Effort

When it comes to creating income online with little effort, it all comes down to leverage. Without the right leverage, you’ll find yourself slaving over your computer hoping to make a sale.

Past Time For Leaders To DISCOVER Alternatives!

Whether, considering, someone, who might be the leader of any type of organization, including, not – for – profit, for – profit, or the public sector, it is way – past time, for leaders, to take the time, and make a concerted effort, to DISCOVER, outside – the – box, alternatives, rather than, simply, accepting, the same – old, same – old, ways! Many organizations, today, are under significant stress, and face challenges, to their existence, and sustainability. The reality is, many have, either, disappeared, and/ or, lost much of their previous luster, and relevance.

4 Ramifications From Systemic Racism

Anyone, who denies, there is systemic racism, in the United States, is refusing to accept reality, or not wanting, to address it, or do something about it! Whether, it relates to quality, safe housing conditions, better health care, equal education and educational opportunities, jobs/ employment/ pay, etc, every statistic indicates, there is a huge gap, and suffering, in our minority neighborhoods. Many believe the Electoral College, was originally created, at least, partly, as an attempt to minimize the impact, people – of – color, would have on Presidential elections, by only granting three – fifths, of a count, for these…

Why This Pandemic Is Not A Hoax?: 5 Issues

It’s important to realize and recognize, simply because, some/ any public/ elected official, either denies, minimizes, and/ or, calls it a hoax, this horrific pandemic is real, and one of the worst public health crises, ever! When more Americans have died, as a result of it, than from any of the 20th, or 21st Century wars/ encounters, it is not only lying and misleading, but a clear, and present danger, to the public’s health and well – being! The enormous number of infections, both, worldwide, and in the United States, and the huge amount of death, and significant ramifications, including…

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