‘All Terrorist Attacks Deserve Equal Outrage And Action’: PM Modi At Global Meet On Terror Funding

Why Many THINK As They Do?

Many years ago, when I held one of my first meaningful positions of leadership, I attended a seminar, where the speaker articulated his core theme, and distributed coins, with the phrase, As I Think, I am. However, in my, over four decades of involvement, in nearly all areas of leadership, from identifying and qualifying potential leaders, to training, developing and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, and serving, personally, as a leader, in a variety of positions, I have come to realize, more individuals, appear, not to use this, to their finest potential, and rather, in far too many…

7 Steps To A Better Action Plan

After over four decades of involvement, in nearly all aspects of leadership, from identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I have come to, strongly believe, there’s a significant difference, between a well – considered, action plan, and, what most claim, their ideas represent! Relevant, sustainable organizations, must realize and recognize, if they wish, to remain so, they must begin, with professionally – designed, strategic planning programs. Unfortunately, one of the challenges, to getting this done, is most groups, suffer from some degree of a dearth of genuine leadership, and, this self -…

If We Want Big Ideas, Elect Someone Who Will Get It Done!: 5 Examples

All the great ideas, aspirations, hopes and good intentions, will often, go for naught, unless/ until, the concepts are accompanied with a relevant, realistic, sustainable, well – considered, action plan, based on quality, strategic planning! Unfortunately, however, we often witness candidates, for higher offices, who, either have high aspirations (but lack a quality plan), or, simply, resort to empty promises, and rhetoric, in order to appeal to voters, and get themselves, elected! For, over five decades, I’ve had a serious interest in politics, and politicians, working in many political campaigns, and, realizing, the America voter, often, fails to elect, the…

How to Click a Great Candid Photo?

It is a bit hard to click a good candid photo. It is not about the photograph alone, but also the emotions captured with it. To make it clear, candid photo means photos that were genuinely unplanned and unposed.

How to Test Food Quality at Home?

Finding out the quality of the food that you are consuming is very important. Foods may be contaminated or adulterated with a foreign substance. These substances can make you sick and unhealthy.

Discover Why a Resilient Mindset Will Help Sustain Your Career

When your career isn’t going as well as you have planned, what is your reaction? Your mindset has everything to do with your success, just as much as the career goals or plans you have established. You may have an effective career strategy in place and undermine the entire plan, simply by not cultivating a supportive mindset. Consider this question: When you think of words to describe the qualities you need to face challenges in your career, what comes to mind? Perhaps you will consider characteristics such as determination, grit, perseverance, and other similar to those. There is one you should add to the list and it is resiliency. This has to do with your state of mind and ability to not only face a difficult situation, but find a way to work through it, even if it means you are adaptable and willing to learn from a life lesson. It also means you do not allow circumstances to dictate your worth or determine what you believe about yourself as a person. When you are resilient, you may suffer a temporary setback, yet you always have a comeback.

I Believe In You

Perhaps you are going through a challenging time right now or maybe your life has been tough for a while. Either way, a big part of you may wonder if you have what it takes to move forward.

Parents You Matter!

Our kids will do what we do. We need to figure out if what we’re doing is good for your kids…

I Was Chosen

Sometimes, we do not understand that it is someone else who chooses us. Yet, it is our journey in life, our experiences, that can open our eyes to that truth.

Intercourse Is an Act of Mating & Impregnation

Extended thrusting is typical of mammals. Manual contacts, oral sex & penetrative sex. Some men enjoy the turn-on of foreplay.

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