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Do You Prefer to Sleep Alone?

An increasing number of us are choosing to sleep alone. In fact a recent survey has revealed that as many as 1/6 British couples sleep apart, with 89% of them choosing to sleep in separate rooms. Whilst this decision is often viewed as a betrayal of our relationship is it such a bad thing if we choose to sleep alone?

Where Do You Find Recognition?

Over time we may have come to realise that appreciation and gratitude aren’t always forthcoming and sometimes we have to look elsewhere. When we’re able to pause and know that we’ve done all we can we can find satisfaction and recognition from those who really matter, from ourselves and our inner circle. Receiving recognition from others may be a ‘nice’ extra, the icing on the cake, but it doesn’t define our worth or the quality of effort we’ve made.

Father Wounds: Will A Woman Come Into Contact With Men That Remind Her Of Her Father?

If a woman was to talk about what her father was like when she was growing up, she may say that he was very loving and supportive or she could say the complete opposite. Having said that, she may say something in between; saying something that is neither positive nor negative.

We Need Expert Planning, Beyond The End Of The Pandemic: 6 Keys

If the preparation, and planning, beginning, approximately, two years ago, is any indication, of how well – prepared, focused, and ready, to proceed, effectively, once this deadly pandemic, finally ends taking its horrific, deadly force, we should be concerned about the future, and the sustainability of the nation, and the world. Although, with our present government officials, seeming to find it challenging, to tread – water, if we are to come out of this, better able to, handle future crises, hopefully, with better results, there are 6 keys, which must be created now, based on experiences, expertise, and experts, so…

How To Enjoy Easter Celebration This Time

What plans do you have for Easter Celebration this time? Things may not be the way you planned it for the season. But, it can’t change the truth that Christ has risen and has restored all that enemy stole from you including your joy. So, no matter what happens chose to rejoice at this time. This article encourages you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus greatly this time.

Why Is It Government’s Job to Pay for Hospital Supplies?

Our Industrial Medical Complex is out-of-control, and we know this by looking at the cost of healthcare, medicines, health insurance, and hospital stays. We are getting reamed by the system, and there is nothing we can do about it. Adam Smith warned us about the risks of big business and industry cozying up to the government in an incestuous relationship, and well, that’s exactly what has happened.

It’s the Worst Crisis We’ve Ever Had – No One Could Have Seen This Coming?

Why is it that every time some expert says; “It’s the worst crisis we’ve ever had” – or – “No one could have seen this coming?” they are excusing themselves, their organization, their industry, their bureaucracy, or their colleagues for their failure to foresee the problem and act to stop its wrath.

Interrelation of Roles of Cinematographer and Film Director

The Cinematographer and director must understand the significance of each other’s roles for ensuring a smooth, easy and effective film production process. This article highlights their interrelation and respective roles & duties which they must take care of during any motion picture production.

Follow Your Passion in ‘Tabla’ Playing

Tabla, as a musical instrument, has influenced and attracted attention of a number of percussionists. However, many of them may shy away and make distance from this art. This may be due to the lack of instruments, teachers or a belief that it is too difficult. This article will address the concerns of a person just to get started with this instrument.

Cinema Industry: An Exciting Field of Creative Opportunities

Cinema industry is a highly exciting field with something new to work on. Indian Cinema industry is amongst the largest film industries in the world, and extends immense career prospects to the creative aspirants.

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