Aaftab Poonawalla Sent To 5-day Police Custody By Saket Court In Shraddha Murder Case

How To Manage Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

There are many steps you can take to ensure you are organized when it comes to affiliate marketing. Without organization, you may quickly find yourself running around in circles, doing things that have already been done or forgetting things that need to be completed.

Only In Jesus Will You Find Deliverance From Stress

Many people all around the world are living with no peace because stress is controlling them. I want you to know your life will transform supernaturally by following the principles of God’s Word.

2 Easy Ways To Change An Organisation’s Culture

I’m not going to say it’s easy… but changing an organisation’s culture is simple. Here’s the two things you need to focus on.

What to Do When Your Business Is Unprepared for a Black Swan Event Like the Coronavirus

Many businesses were caught off guard when they suddenly needed to send their employees home. The business had never considered the impact a Black Swan event like COVID-19 that would completely disrupt the operation of the business. Now, with little planning they need to establish a virtual employee team with no advanced notice. Where do you turn and how do you solve this problem in time to save your business? How do you continue to meet your compliance regulations and secure your vital business data? How do you protect your customers?

The Other Four Horsemen

Greed, Hunger, Chaos, and Destruction are the prelude to and are just as devastating as the original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. When faced with unprecedented food and water shortages all over the world through man’s indifference have given rise to another set of Apocalyptic events that are being played out continually. This is when these first Four Horsemen that have already arrived laying waste to nations all over the world.

Claiming Scripture

We must never allow fear to be part of our vocabulary. We must never run from the problem. We must never doubt God’s Word. However, we must never take the SCripture out of context.

Should You Stop Marketing During COVID-19?

As a small business owner you may be concerned about the impact of the coronavirus has on your business; your revenue, employees, and marketing funnel. Although you shouldn’t stop marketing during CONVID-19, there are many ways your marketing approach could go wrong. So here are three ways you can effectively market your small business during the coronavirus outbreak.

Child Abuse: Can Someone Feel As Though Death Is Imminent If They Were Abused As A Child?

What can’t be denied is that everyone on this planet is going to die at one point or another. Thus, to say this is not being ‘negative’, it is simply stating something that is part of the human experience.

Follow These TIPS For Better Health And Happiness!

Wouldn’t it be nice, if there were some basic steps, and other, common sense, approaches, each of us, might take advantage of, to help to enhance, address, and improve, our overall, health, happiness, and well – being? What if there were a few, basic TIPS, for doing so, and, they would make enough sense, be obvious – enough, and motivate/ inspire us, to emphasizing these needs, and ideas? While most people, state, they would do, whatever, they could, to be healthier, and happier, most, fail to do so, either, because, they don’t know how to, or procrastinate, in terms of taking viable,…

6 Industries, Which May Change, Forever

While, obviously, many of us, are deeply concerned, and, even, frightened, by the present pandemic, and our national response, perhaps, the smartest path, would be, to take the politicians our of the approach, and responses, and leave those, to public health, medical, and relevant, sustainable planning professionals! It’s essential, which we address current challenges, this is done, smartly, and with a focus, on sustainability, future needs, and the best way, to ensure, we don’t have to experience this, again! One of these is to recognize, many of our current institutions, and ways – of – life, will, most likely, change…

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