Aaftab In Court LIVE: Court Allows Narco Test For Aaftab, Extends Police Custody | Shraddha Murder

PANIC Makes The Pandemic Response Worse!

While it does little good, to blame any individual, and/ or, nation, for the pandemic, the world is currently undergoing, doesn’t it make sense, to thoroughly, carefully, review and examine, as much about the lead – up/ in, including: how to better prepare (and be prepared); better understanding the science; developing and installing expert teams, so this might be avoided, in the future; how it spread; what caused it; the best ways to control, both, the spread and the potential dangers; etc? For a number of reasons, we have witnessed, an overall response, based more on PANIC (which rarely does any good), than…

Child Abuse: Can Someone End Up Being Emotionally Disconnected If They Were Abused As A Child?

If someone was to take a step back and to reflect on how they experience life, what they may find is that they are typically out of touch with how they feel. During the moments when this isn’t the case, that’s if they have these moments, it could be because something dramatic has taken place.

Crisis Managment

Over the years I have managed several crises. My success depended on two actions. These actions were critical to success.

8 Tips to Working From Home During the Pandemic

It is a time in the nation where many are having to work from home. 8 tips to doing so effectively and getting it all done with the children at home.

Healing Dysfunction – Thanking the Past

“The child is the father of the man” wrote William Wordsworth in 1802, and it’s still true today. Childhood experience shapes the man or woman we are today. As children, we first learn behavior in the family setting, then later, as we try to make sense of things, we form beliefs around those behaviors.

Skin Needling To Refresh, Retexture & Rejuvenate Your Facial Skin

As we get older, our collagen levels start to decline, causing our skin to lose its elasticity and this can leave the skin looking tired and lined. Skin needling reduces fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production, making the skin look fuller and improving the texture.

Use These 10 Most Powerful & Persuasive Words, Add Teeth to Your Sales Copy

Use of the right words could be the key to writing effective & powerful sales copies. Use these 10 powerful words for creating killer sales copies and improving your sales.

Our Lifestyle Can Promote Development of Cancer

Cancer is a broad term, which describes the disease that results when cellular changes cause the uncontrolled growth and division of cells. A cell receives instructions to die so that the body can replace it with a newer cell that functions better. Cancerous cells lack the components that instruct them to stop dividing and to die. As a result, they build up in the body, using oxygen and nutrients that would usually nourish other cells.

Behold A Pale Horse

Today, the world is reeling from the scourge of man’s indifference to nature and humanity. through greed, manipulation, and an unquenchable thirst for more power, control and wealth he has unleashed the horror we are witnessed to today. A virus so infectious and deadly has put the world on notice that more deadly plagues are on the horizon unless we as a global community usher in the means to negate the effects of what co2 has done and continues to do to our climate and environment.

Create Organisational Change In Minutes Per Day

Forget roadshows, launches and festivals. Not only is it possible to create real change by thinking small… it’s the only way.

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