‘Aaftab Burnt Cigarette Butts On Her Body’: Shraddha’s Friend Makes Shocking Revelations On Republic

How Real Are You?

How many of us actually walk the walk? We may talk the talk, but what’s behind he public face, how real are you? When we take on a role, adopt a set of values or code of conduct the underlying question could well be, are we living what we advocate or is behind the scenes a very different story?

Is It A Surprise That Some Of The People That Are Always Happy Have Emotional Problems?

When it comes to the people that have taken their own life over the years, some of these have been people that created the impression that everything was fine up until they ended it all. As a result of this, it can leave those they left behind in both a lot of pain and confusion.

Thinking About God And With God

In these two adventures called life and existence, there exists a reality that we all should think about and some even do think about as behind its curtain: That reality is God, not religion or religious thought. Sure, this article will seem like reading “A, B, C, D” to some in exact alphabetical order, but I am sure there will be parts worth reading as I write this around Easter holiday time.

Basic Things You Should Know Before Jumping Into Food Photography

If you are interested in food photography, you must read this article. Here you can learn some basic things you need to know before you jump into food photography career. It will help you understand what you need and what is the importance of that aspect.

Corona Virus Disease and Duties of Citizens

COVID-19 disease through Corona Virus has now become a headache for all the countries in the world. While governments are posing rues, regulations, and advisories, citizens have a great role to play. This article describes duties of citizens during the pandemic and how to stop spreading this virus.

That Old Bad Back

Long ago in 1972 I took a year out of my new plastering business to have some fun working for the then Berkshire County Council in a road gang with my older brother who promised good earnings in return for hard work and maximum bonuses. The call of the £££’s was stronger than my call for building a small business seriously back then. The work was hard, but it was great fun and a proper body-builder as I was laying four-foot by eighteen inch concrete pipes, kirb-laying, tarmacing,…

Internet Safety Facts and Rules to Establish With Your Kids

Perhaps you are the guardian or parents of some young children who has just recently begun making use of the world wide web. By adhering to these simple Internet safety facts, rules and guidelines, you can rest assured that you’ve taken a big step in educating both yourself and kids to prevent them from becoming just another statistic of an online predator.

A New Definition of Science – The Textual Foundation That Represents the Real World

In this paper, we excluded non-texts from science, and divided texts into three types: descriptive, mentalistic and scientific. A new, text-based definition of science is then proposed. There are three key properties of a scientific text: sequentiality, clarity and representation of reality. The third property is newly added, and explained.

Your Real Estate Is Ready-Documents Need Your Signature

This article invites you to compare securing an earthly piece of Real estate with a heavenly one. It encourages you to choose the property that is all paid for. The property is in your name, and is non-transferable. To secure this property, you’ll need to accept the love of the One who paid for it, Jesus Christ. He paid for it by dying on the cross in your place.

Why Gold Is Insurance During Times Of Crisis

When it comes to personal finance or building wealth, protecting your assets with some form of insurance is vitally important. I’ve often said that education is important but, financial literacy is imperative. In this article find out why gold should have a space in your portfolio.

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