5 Members Of A Family Drown In Gujarat’s Narmada Canal In Bid To Save Woman

Leaving Some “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

Nobody likes to feel left out of a conversation, or that their contribution isn’t valued. Well, I’ve not met someone yet! The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” could become increasingly concerning during this current crisis. Effective leadership and communication will help keep the whole team engaged, motivated and productive, with well-being at the forefront. Here are a few brain-based reasons behind this and solutions to improve communication and collaboration, especially on video conferences.

Digital Photography & ‘Special Effects’ Yet Some Prefer to Use Film

Despite the many advantages of digital photography, especially for ‘Special Effects’, a growing number of photographers, surprisingly are preferring to use film! I invented my own ‘special effects’ using Kodachrome for my award winning creations in the 1960’s (before any computers), but I am now fascinated and prefer digital imaging.

Cigarettes And Yoga Pants

A few days ago I was enjoying my favourite beach in the early morning. There are walkers, runners, cyclists and coffee drinkers. But one lady stood out from the morning crowd. She looked kind of fit, was wearing yoga pants like many of the younger women, but the difference was she was smoking.

Your Coffee Creamer of Choice Matters

We love our coffee! We are obsessed with our coffee! The HuffPost collected some amusing numbers about how dedicated we are to coffee. Among those numbers is that “72% of coffee drinkers take their coffee with dairy or non-dairy creamer.” And if you are interested in weight loss, it might startle you to know that “55% of coffee drinkers would rather gain 10 pounds than give up coffee for life.”

What I Learned From the Inventor of Zoom

Problem-solving is the obvious answer to all of our complaints. Looking for answers, resources, for help with any given situation is – always – the way.

Review of The Offspring

The following article is a book review of The Offspring by author Bill Pinnell. This is a literary drama that gives food for thought when it comes to human nature.

What Relief Is There For Pain Radiating Down The Arm?

Many people suffer from pain traveling or radiating down their arm. This discomfort can range from a mild tingling or ache to an agonizing sharp or throbbing pain. For some the onset is gradual, over time. For others the pain occurs suddenly from an accident or overexertion. This article will discuss pain down the arm, a recent scientific research study describing the condition and what can be done to give relief of pain going down the arm.

The Future With Sleek Looking Car-Based Ute’s

As technology grows and the needs of people change, vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to incorporate comfort and quality into their vehicles while keeping the function ability and adaptability intact. For most tradies looking for a ute that has great storage capacity or a vehicle that can incorporate van racking systems is top on their list. However, with more and more families needing second vehicles, finding an interchangeable option is starting to make its way into the market.

The Greatest Of These

Love is the glue that puts everything together. Faith and Hope cannot function without Love.

Discipline – The Vehicle of Success

We have all heard ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. Practice is doing something repeatedly in order to do it well. Whether it is shooting a basketball or preparing for a speech. Practice is your best ally. But what is it that keeps you practicing? It is Discipline.

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