1st Visuals Of Killer Aaftab In Mehrauli Jail; Accused Sent To 5-day Custody In Shraddha Murder Case

When the Colors of Your Life Fade to Black and White

Have you ever noticed how vibrant the memories of happy and exciting times in your life are? You can recall the tiniest details; the images in your mind are filled with color. It’s easy to remember the season, the color of the sky, the leaves and even the faces of strangers who somehow became a part of the memories you treasure. These scenes are important; pay attention to the details you can ‘see.’

What Makes Canada Unique?

It doesn’t seem to matter where you go in the world, Canadians are welcomed. We somehow have developed a reputation as being kind, safe, friendly and helpful. But, unfortunately, not many people even in Canada understand how truly blessed we are to live in this unique country.

Will It Ever End?

I remember when years ago I was working in a government agency. It seemed that staff was frequently complaining about change. They wanted things to always remain the same as they were.

Blood Orange

Are you adventurous about what you eat? People are widely varied in their opinion about food. Some take comfort in eating food that is familiar. Others like to experiment. Food itself sometimes intrigues and even shocks the eater and those near him or her.

Who Can You Trust In This Pandemic World?

It’s been several weeks since the world began a shut-down due to COVID-19 and I think we have all noticed a lot of confusing messages that have been circulating since then. Every one of us likes to have some control in our lives and “the unknown” can therefore become an enemy to the people. Since this started however, I have to be honest by saying that I don’t think anyone has any really good answers to give us right now.

Parenting During A Pandemic

The pandemic has changed all our lives and for the last few weeks family members have been together at home due to self-isolation requirements. I have noticed that those who are experiencing a great deal of frustration are parents of school-aged children and their teachers who are not allowed to be together in school settings. Following are some of the concerns that I am hearing: Many children do not have established routines and are sleeping in so miss their internet sessions with their teachers.

Personal Power: Can Childhood Trauma Stop Someone From Developing Personal Power?

When someone has a sense of personal power, they are likely to experience life in a certain way. For one thing, they will feel powerful and know that they have an effect on their life.

Parents Should Reward Effort!

Let’s not sabotage our children’s success. Praising their initiative and effort will bring them a lot further.

Discover Why Failure Is Essential for Learning and Growth

Students fear failure. It’s not just a failing grade many students fear; it can be the fear of not receiving a perfect score each week for all required learning activities. I’ve worked with many doctoral learners who earn less than 100 points for their discussion posts in a previous week and believe they have failed. All they can focus on is the loss of points, even if it just six or eight points. The same holds true for written assignments. A less than perfect grade somehow indicates failure because “they have worked really hard”, “put a lot of effort into the assignment”, and “should be awarded full points”. Some learners may believe I have somehow been excessively critical or nit-picking with my feedback, when it did not meet their expectations.

Repetition Compulsion: Why Do We Repeat The Past?

Although someone may realise that they are experiencing the same scenarios over and over again, there is also the chance that they won’t. If they are, it could seem strange as to why this keeps happening.

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