کیا فیصل واوڈا عمران خان کے خلاف وعدہ معاف گواہ بننے جارہے ہیں؟، صحافیوں کے فیصل واوڈا سے سخت سوالات

Make Your First Online Dollar With Affiliate Marketing

If you have considered making money online, you may want to give affiliate marketing some serious thought. This is where many people make their first online dollar.

What A Monomaniacal Nightmare Of A CEO Got Right About Change

He would have been a pain in the butt to work for… but in the best way possible. If you’re not leading like this, you’re something more than a nightmare.

Do You Feel Stuck?

Perhaps, after not being in a good way for a little while or quite some time, you ended up reaching out for external support. Yet, although your intention was to change your life, you may find that this hasn’t really taken place.

Is Your Story Holding You Back?

A little while ago I was reading something that went into how our story can allow us to lead a fulfilling life or it can do the opposite. This was something that I had heard about a number of years before, but after hearing it again, it reminded me of how powerful our story is and it made me think about it more deeply.

Who Can You Trust and Why?

I always find it interesting to watch politicians who attack their opponents and then, when they drop out of the race because of lack of support, back the person who they have been trashing. It is easy to attack others and make promises when you are hoping that others will vote for you! But the process doesn’t always seem to be honourable.

Stand Against Fear

Journalists know that “what leads – bleeds”. People read newspapers and listen to news when there are exciting – not boring – things happening. Twenty-four-hour internet and television broadcasts can throw you into a world of crisis very easily so you need to be careful.

Believe What Others Do

Often individuals are disappointed or resentful after a person who they trust lets them down. Anyone can make promises or say things that they don’t mean, and problems occurs if we believe they will follow through. It is especially foolish of us if we know that the person has a pattern of saying things without linking them to congruent actions.

Professional Silos

I was raised in a small town in southern Saskatchewan. We had a couple of doctors and a small hospital but seldom had any contact with “specialists” and if required, needed to drive almost an hour to the nearest city for assessment and treatment. The doctors made house calls back then and took care of all our physical and mental illnesses with only the aid of instruments carried in a black bag.

Hard Work and Courage

When my granddaughter Janaya graduated from high school in Saskatoon the school gave her a one-thousand-dollar scholarship for university. She is intelligent but also has an amazing work ethic and invests a lot of time into her studies. Intelligence plus hard work are a good formula for doing well.

Slow Down: One Step At A Time

A few years ago, I telephoned a mentor and said “I don’t know if I want to live in British Columbia”. She was surprised and asked for more information. I told her that I had found an advertisement for what seemed to be an interesting job opportunity in BC.

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