جیو پر برطانیہ، امریکا اور دبئی میں کیس کر رہا ہوں یہ پراپیگنڈا چینل کوہمیشہ کے لیے بے نقاب کروں گا

“Karna’s Wife – The Outcast’s Queen” by Kavita Kane – A Fresh Perspective to Age Old Tale

A fictional twist to the most well-known epic, from the perspective of an unknown character, Princess Uruvi, wife of Karna. The tale is in sync with the epic but shows us an aspect which has always been unexplored bringing in a lot of fresh perspectives and narrations to the forefront, leaving the audience thinking over, even after they put the book down.

Mental Illness – A Disorder of Perception

It seems the medical profession is not interested in looking at how distorted perceptions can lead to mental illness in the individual because if they did, they might have to look at themselves and their present approach to mental illness. That, to me, is not being scientific. In this article, I am pointing out the limitations of bureaucratic thinking and its adverse effects on the mental health of society.

How Much Self-Care Is Too Much?

When my client asked me that I asked her, “are you able to keep up with your obligations and marketing initiatives?” The answer was not only a yes, but..

Do You Want It More Than They Do?

This came up in a coaching session with a client earlier this week and it’s so important that I wanted to mention it here for my virtual community too:-) *** Have you ever stayed on a sales call wayyyy too long knowing you are crossing your own boundaries around time? But you convince yourself to do it because you really just want to help that person? Maybe to the point you are even late…

A View From Spain

I’ve been fortunate to have spent much of the winter of 2019-2020 living along the southern coast of Spain. Occupying a rented casa near the center of an old town for an extended time, which inevitably involved engaging with locals, including commercially with shop keepers and the like, gave me a great opportunity to observe how daily economic life is lived in a place far from my New Hampshire home. To be clear, I really do have a life outside of economic monitoring, but for purposes of this piece I’ll focus on a small anecdotal contrast between how…

The Squeaky Wheel Drives The Change

You can’t create organisational change by being quiet, timid or sparse with your communications. Instead, this is what it takes.

Sleep Therapy for Depersonalization

Experiencing Depersonalization man often lead to sleeplessness, due to worry and stress. Once you learn to interrupt these sensations and apply a few simple but effective sleep skills, you will find that falling asleep becomes easier and achieving a good night’s rest is something you can count on. This helps in overcoming Depersonalization because it helps refresh a tired mind and allows you to more effectively interrupt the habit of fearful thought that contributes to this condition.

5 Trivial Factors, Voters Often Over – Consider

Wouldn’t we have a better chance of making the wisest, possible decision, when we vote, if we prioritized relevant, essential factors, rather than the more, petty ones? Anyone, who has ever watched a debate, should realize, we often, over – consider, who speaks the best, instead of, who may have the best ideas, and viable, relevant, sustainable solutions, for the best interests of the nation. Instead of focusing on blaming and complaining, we would, obviously, be far better – off, when/ if, we paid more attention, to the viability, and reality, of their ideas.

Affirmations: The Keys To Getting Better

If you hope, to get closer, to being, as happy, and, hopefully, healthy, as possible, using affirmations, properly, and effectively, will help you get closer to where you might like to be! Affirmations are statements, made, and committed to, which are, both, positive, in nature, and wording, as well as in the current tense! This is far different from, merely using some wish – list, and/ or, hoping, for the best.

Home Owners Must Face FACTS!

One of the biggest challenges, many homeowners, seeking to sell their homes, experience, is, they perceive, their houses, far differently, than a potential, qualified buyer, probably will! It is generally wise, for many reasons, to take advantage of the experience, expertise, and professionalism, of a licensed, real estate agent, but, one, which is often, overlooked (and, not considered), is being willing, and able to, realistically, face the FACTS, and proceed, accordingly! Avoid lying to yourself, and, letting, any over – stated, personal perception of how great it is, harm your ultimate possibilities, and/ or, results!

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